Jun 26, 2013

Ice Ice You Dirty Ice

It's been pretty cold and miserable here the last few days.  I've been feeling the cold and the wet weather has made my daily walks challenging.  So I wanted to do some icy nails.  I didn't want to use the more typical white and silver snowy Winter colour scheme though.  We don't get any snow here, just frost and ice on the cars, dirty ice on dirty cars (No ice yet though, it's got to get colder first). 
I used some good Aussie polishes to get my icy look with a matte top coat.  I've been having fun trying this matte top coat on everything and I love the frosty look it gives and the way it flattens glitter :)
I started with two coats of Picture Polish Tiffany for an ice blue then sponged over a gradient of Picture Polish Jade and Tiffany.  I wish I'd taken a photo at that stage but it was raining outside so I kept going.
I added a coat of Ulta3 Outasight for my dirt and finished with a coat of Picture Polish G'day Matte for a frosted matte finish.  Well at least it looks frosty to me.
I love the shimmer in Jade but it was lost under the matte top coat.  Using Tiffany as the base made Jade seem neonish though and the smooth matte finish is so soft to the touch.
Still no sun so I had to use flash indoors.  I thought these colours were a nice match for my green ring :)
Jade, Tiffany and G'day Matte are available from piCture pOlish or internationally from the piCture pOlish Network members and I picked up Ulta3 Outasight from a local Terry White Chemist.

Jun 10, 2013

It's a boy!

Today my new nephew was born.  Yep another boy, it's all boys for our family.  I am an Auntie for the second time :)  Congrats to my brother Jim, SIL Elin and my oldest nephew Johan.  No name yet for the baby and I don't know what colour his hair is but apparently everyone is doing well and he is a good size and Elin is resting.  Unfortunately they live in Sweden so I will have to wait a while for a cuddle.  I wish I could be there.  Hopefully we'll get to skype them tomorrow and get all the details.
Here's a photo my brother shared.  Just the one photo so far, at most a few hours old.  Isn't he perfect?  I just want to reach into the photo and hold that little hand, and then take off his hat so I can see his hair :)

So as we couldn't be there we celebrated with some Swedish cider and I painted my nails (of course).  I grabbed all my blue swatch sticks and went hunting for the perfect baby blue polish but somehow I ended up with this.

Smitten Polish Mother of Dragons with an accent nail of Emily de Molly Serenity.  I don't think there's any hidden message in the names.
I used water decals for the white lace because I didn't want to ruin it by trying to stamp.  I think it's time to cut my nails down though.
In news closer to home, Data has out grown his cubby hole.
Spock thinks it's funny.
Spock really shouldn't be laughing though, he barely fits on his chosen perch any more.

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