Jan 30, 2015

Loki's Lacquer Live Long and Prosper and Loki's Lacquer Spot.

Two very special polishes Tara made me for my birthday, inspired by my black cat Spock and ginger cat Data. I made the little green eyed cat using a Loki's Nail Vinyl.

Jan 28, 2015

Subtle stamping with Moyou geek plate 05.

Tried some subtle stamping with Moyou geek plate 05 today. A bit too subtle on the grey. OPI 4 in the Morning over OPI Queen of the Road and OPI A Roll in the Hague over OPI Love Angel Music Baby.

Jan 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day!

It's a bit gloomy here but we had a nice morning at the park with bacon and egg sangas. Loving these Aussie nail Vinyls from Loki's Nail Vinyls

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