Aug 15, 2013

861 - Mari Moon Cupcake

I have a rather large polish stash, many of them untried, and I often sit down to paint my nails and get stuck trying to decide which to use and then just give up.  So I've decided to use a random number generator to pick a daily polish whenever I don't have anything specific planned.  I've just finished a long stretch of swatches for someone during which I had to patch a broken nail every day and nurse it along until I'd finished.  I needed my nails to be the same length in each swatch and the break was too low down to trim out.  Today I'm done and the break had grown out far enough for a chop so my nails are short tonight and I'm hitting the random number generator for a polish.
Tonight's winning number is 861!

Yeh I know I started at 4 but if you look at my stash list you'll see it starts at 3 and I've already blogged that one so I started the random generator at 4.  Number 861 is Hits Speciallit√° Mari Moon Cupcake, from the Multigirl Glitter Shock collection.
This is a pink cream packed with glitter in white, pink, orange, blue, teal, silver holo and silver.  The glitter makes it really lumpy and hard to spread.  This is 2 dabbed coats and 2 thick coats of INM Out the Door top coat.
I'm not sure I like this on me and I have plenty of other milky glitter bombs that aren't this lumpy.  I'd put this in my swap pile but it's part of a boxed set and I like the others in the set.
Here's something prettier.  This is a blurred shot of the glitter I have all over my kitchen bench right now.  I've been helping Mr 8yo come up with a magic science trick for a school talent show and it involves holo glitter from my polish making supplies.  It looks pretty amazing on the bench and the colours change depending which side of the bench I'm on.  I took a slow shot for this and manually adjusted the focus at the same time.  That combined with the camera movement makes a pretty blur :)
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