Oct 31, 2012

OZOTIC Scatter Chrome 915

Here's something special today, one of the brand new Ozotic Scatter Chromes.
This is Ozotic 915 and it's stunning!  It's a gorgeous blue green colour.  It shifts from a soft green to a gentle teal with the teal being most obvious at extreme angles like when you're looking at your nails end on.  There's no need to paint this over black like most duochromes, it's opaque enough to stand on it's own.

It's a gorgeous colour and the chrome finish is really eye catching, especially in low light.  Then in the sun, bam! the scattered holo brings out the rainbow. 

Without the sun the holo is always visible but as more of a shimmer.  It's a really smooth finish, the holo is fine irregular shaped particles, not at all gritty like glitter.   So smooth and shiny I didn't feel the need for any top coat. 

This is three coats without top coat and it dried quickly too.  Two coats was opaque enough but I added the third to minimize some visible brush strokes.  To the naked eye the brush strokes weren't obvious but I knew they'd show up with the macro lens so I did an extra coat, extra carefully. 

I did test a couple of top coats to see what effect it would have on the holo and the answer is none, no dulling of the holo effect or the chrome look.  I tried Poshe and Out the Door top coats.

It seems to wear well too, no chips after weeding the veggie patch, carving a pumpkin and the usual day to day nail trauma that comes with looking after two kids.

You might think the colour looks familiar.  I have a few polishes with this same blue green shift, it's kind of a favourite of mine so keep buying them (and the gold green ones too).  These are some of the ones I have.  Apologies to my OCD readers, I know the bottles aren't straight but it's easier to photograph the colour shift in the bottles when they aren't face on to the camera. 

The Misa polish is more blue than the rest but still similar enough.  Of all of these Ozotic 915 is the most opaque which is a big win and then the scattered holo makes it unique.  My new favourite :) 

I thought I'd try stamping with Ozotic 915.  I need the practice and it looked opaque enough to stamp with.
I started with a special limited edition polish from Loki's Lacquer called Polish Crawl.  It was made for some of the Western Sydney girls from the Aussie Nails facebook group to wear last weekend for their Sydney (buy all the) polish crawl.  I didn't go with them but I was lucky enough to meet the girls and receive a goody bag including the Polish Crawl polish.  This is three coats without top coat.  It's beautiful!

Then I stamped with Ozotic 915 and Essie Nothing Else Metals using plate SE20.  Ozotic 915 stamped fine but was a bit too subtle so I added the Essie.  There's also some stamping with Ozotic 520 for added colour but you can barely see it. 
I was aiming for a look of dandelions but I think it looks more like snow flakes.
and yes I need a lot more practice.

Ozotic 915 is part of the Scatter Chrome collection available from piCture pOlish now.  Go now!  Run, grab the lot, I am.  I need them all!

Are you ready for Halloween?  The kids did this tonight.  They are excited about dressing up and having their grandparents visit to see the pumpkin. 


  1. Great pics, the one of your boys is such a lovely shot

  2. thanks for mentioning my site rebecca the polish looks great on your nails xx <3 tara

  3. I love your collection of blue-green duochromes!

  4. I think your stamping looks great!


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