Dec 2, 2012

Holy Grail Bombshell with a little Sugar on top

Sugar 903 from Ozotic is another of their new layering polishes that can be worn over any colour, creating so many different looks.  I spent ages trying to decide what colour underwear I wanted to use for this blog post.  I'd already tested 903 over a rainbow of colours.  Red, purple, green blue, pink even yellow.  I was surprised how versatile it is.  In the bottle it's a shimmery light blue glass fleck with a noticeable purple shift.  I thought that the shimmer and blue colour would limit my options for layering but everything I tried looked good.  Which made this a hard choice.   It looks really lovely on it's own and black brings out the duochrome effect but I've seen plenty of other blog swatches showing it over black, white and on it's own.  If you want to see some great photos check out Cathy's at More Nail Polish.  She actually swatched the whole set of Ozotic Sugar and Beam polishes when they were released back in September.  I remember it well because I was away on holiday without an internet connection so I missed it.  I know, first world problems and all that but I'd been waiting to see the new polishes and was disappointed to miss the first swatch photos.  Anyway I wanted to show you Sugar 903 over a coloured base.  Up until the last second I was going to use green, piCture pOlish Shamrock, but then I grabbed piCture pOlish Bombshell.

Bombshell is the bomb!  It's a stunning blue from the piCture pOlish Metallic shades.  One of those 'lit from within' type of colours.  It's smooth and easy to apply, perfectly opaque in 2 coats and as a bonus doesn't stain like many strong blues can.  This is 2 coats with topcoat.  The addition of topcoat makes it even more glowy.

The plan was to then layer with Ozotic Sugar 903 but once I'd applied Bombshell I fell in love with it all over again and couldn't bring myself to cover it up.  So I left it for a day then added some gold in the form of the new A-England Holy Grail.  I have the old Holy Grail as well but for this I wanted the more antique gold look of the new version.  I painted just one coat of Holy Grail with a curved edge over each nail then sealed with a topcoat.

Next up was a layer of black, leaving a gold edge.  I used my old favourite single coat black, Ulta3 Black Satin, but I had some difficulty painting neatly with it.  It gets a lot of use so is getting a bit thick and gluggy and needs some thinner, but I didn't think to fix it before I started and didn't want to stop when I was on a creative roll.  I liked the way this looked with the blue, gold and black (even if it was lumpy).

Then for the crowning glory, I painted a thick layer of Ozotic Sugar 903 over the black.  Wow!  I loved the result.  I still had the Bombshell blue, some rich gold and then this glorious shimmery blue that turned purple as the angle changed.  Purple, gold and blue look so good together.  Cue the photo spam :)

Ozotic Sugar 903 and piCture pOlish Bombshell are available from piCture pOlish or internationally from the piCture pOlish Network members
The new version of Holy Grail is available from a-England as well as the old version which is now a limited edition.

and just for fun here's some rainbows.  The boys and I made rainbow cupcakes and Alex painted his skittle nails to match :)


  1. Cute! Love the sugar polish, and the blue is gorgeous. And omg the rainbow cupcake looks amazing!

  2. This is really beautiful. I just what you created with the colours. Love the cake and skittles too.

  3. Beautiful mani, love the rainbow cake and skittle on kid.

  4. The mani reminds me of peacocks for some reason! So pretty!


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