May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Daphne!

It's time for a celebration.  A Pretty Serious Celebration!
Today is Daphne's first birthday.  Daphne is the mascot for Pretty Serious Cosmetics who launched a year ago.  Which means it's also been a year since my first Pretty Serious order.  I remember excitedly waiting for the launch and ordering as soon as it went live.  Since then I've managed to collect every single Pretty Serious polish they've released except for the recent charity auction polish for Paint it Blue (a seriously pretty polish but seriously out of my budget).  I'm lucky enough to have the limited edition Emma Louise and the very special Golden Ticket. I also have some of their eye shadows and lip gloss.  Yep I'm a fan :)
To celebrate Daphne's birthday (and their 1 year anniversary) Pretty Serious have released a special polish called Daphne's Birthday Party.  It's packed with 5 different sparkly glitters that are all the same size, like sparkly confetti, and today polish lovers around the globe have been invited to join the celebrations by wearing and sharing Daphne's Birthday Party.

My first Pretty Serious order was pretty conservative, just 2 polishes, BSOD and VT100, so for this birthday manicure I wanted to use those as well.  I started with a BSOD and VT100 gradient then brushed some Daphne across the base.  Daphne is so densely packed I had to be careful not to cover up too much of the BSOD blue.  It would be pretty easy to wear Daphne alone as an opaque glitter, Daphne doesn't need underwear ;P
It was raining this morning and I was worried I wouldn't get to photograph this in the sun but it turned out to be a beautiful day and this combination was so sparkly it was hard to see the colours of the glitter. 
In the shade though the blue and green was gorgeous with the glitter colours.  This is 2 coats each of BSOD and VT100, blended in the middle with a sponge, and a light brushing of Daphne.  All finished with 1 coat of Out the Door top coat.
yes I do still have the boxes for the other two.
Happy Birthday Daphne and congratulations Kaz and Ben.  May you be around for many more years (and helmers) to come :)


  1. Love this mani. Awesome that you have a bottle of every polish, I'm missing one or two, but am nearly there.


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