Oct 1, 2013

Wave of Polish - Pregnancy and Infant Loss #1

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month so throughout the month, each Tuesday, I'm going to be painting my nails blue and pink to show my support.   Anyone is welcome to join in and October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness day.  So if you don't want to do every Tuesday you could just paint your nails blue and pink on the 15th.  At 7pm on the 15th people are asked to light a candle so throughout the time zones there will be a wave of light and a wave of polish.  There will also be an auction of Australian polishes starting 9am AEST on October 8th.  You can read more about the auction at http://waveofpolish.blogspot.com.au/ and share your polish photos on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/waveofpolish/
For my first Pregnancy and Infant Loss mani I've used some amazing polishes from Loki's Lacquer.  I was lucky enough to win these polishes in the fabulous Shades of Phoenix birthday giveaway so sorry you wont actually be able to buy these anywhere.  Tara from Loki's Lacquer does do custom polishes so if you love these you can always ask her to make you something similar.
This is Atlantis (the blue) and Phoenix on Fire (pink).  They both sparkle like crazy in the sun but unfortunately there was a lack of sun (plenty of strong winds and smoke) today so I had to use flash for the photos.  They are also scented!  Actually I'm assuming they are both scented.  It may just be one of them but each time I've worn them it's been both together so I can't really tell if the scent is coming from one or both.  Maybe it's just Atlantis?  Note to self - check this with Tara.
For my accent nail I layered Jordana Pink Hearts over Phoenix on Fire.  This is two coats of each of the Loki's Lacquers and they are wonderfully smooth and flow beautifully.  There's a bit of a purple duochrome effect to Atlantis but I couldn't really catch that with the flash.  I used Orly Bonder for my base coat and INM Out the Door for the top coat.
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