Aug 31, 2014

Photo spam

This morning I was sorting through the photos in preparation for a post about last weekend's Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo and I found a surprising amount of photos on my phone which I'd planned on uploading to Instagram and never got around to.  I have a very limited data plan on my phone which means it's mostly offline.  I try to connect once a day for a 5 minute scan through IG and to upload a pic if I have one ready.  I love looking at everyones photos but often the connection is so poor I can't get anything to load and my upload fails.  All which means I ended up with a backlog of photos to share.  I can connect at home with wifi but I dump my phone when I walk in the door so it usually doesn't occur to me.
This morning's sorting reminded me of all the photos I didn't share so I connected my poor neglected phone and posted a bunch of pics to IG.  Apologies to anyone who follows me on IG or my personal Facebook, it was spam city for a while there, and to complete the abuse I'm going to share the same pics here in one big disorganised blog post, along with some other long lost pics which may have made it to IG but not the blog yet.  Most of these I'd planned to have a dedicated post for, with multiple shots and a review of the polishes used but there's just too many for that now.
Here we go, in no particular order ...
Powder Perfect Kevin! This is so sparkly in the sun.
Sayuri Sugar Coated Dreams. Wish I could remember what I used for undies.
Novel Nail Polish Tigers on a Gold Leash, it's a thermal, this is the warm colour.
Novel Nail Polish Tigers on a Gold Leash, with cold tips.  It's a really stunning colour change.
piCture pOlish Marine, Ocean and Jealousy
interlude: this is Ben, my youngest son.
Pahlish My Bespoke Psychopath.
Femme Fatale Emerald Rain.
Femme Fatale Shadowfen.
Miss Ashleigh Supernova (thermal).
Alanna Renee Sandpit.
This is a cat.  His name is Data and he likes food, food and long belly rubs on the rug.
Stamping with a Messy Mansion plate MM12 over Dance Legend White Noise (a textured finish)
More stamping practice with Messy Mansion plate MM27 over Shades of Phoenix Larcarnum Inflamareae.
Stamping with Moyou London plates and mostly Ulta3 polish.
Congratulations if you made it this far.  This isn't all of them but I think it's enough for today.  I'll leave you with some rather lovely plates.

OK so they aren't actually stamping plates.  They're some etching plates I made at school, waaaay back in the 80s, but I dug them out and tried them for stamping.  They work surprisingly well but the images are way too big to make sense on my nails.

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