Mar 25, 2012

Getting my nerd on

I recently got my first Nerdlacquers and I was so impressed the first thing I did was jump online and order more.  I've been lucky enough to catch the Etsy store open a few times and now have 4 bottles in my possession with 2 more parcels coming my way.  The only one I really want but haven't been able to order yet is Regeneration.  If anyone has a Regeneration out there they don't want I'd be happy to buy or swap it.
So this weekend was my Mom's 70th birthday and I've been wearing Nerdlacquer Holy Grail.  No link really except this polish is as amazing as my Mom.   Happy birthday Mom!

I made a big cake :)  Quick photo taken with my tablet because I was so proud of myself and thought the candle holder looked cool.  The cake was yummy.
Now back to the nails.
NerdLacquer Holy Grail is part of a special edition duo (I didn't get the other one).  It's a glow-in-the-dark, linear holo with glitter.  Yep it has a  bit of everything.

It's a soft blue-green colour that turns out different in every photo and is opaque in 2 easy coats.
This shot in full sun shows a bit of the holo but the colour came out darker than it really is.
I used a different top coat on each hand and it's smooth and shiny with Essie Good to Go on my left hand but still a bit glitter rough with Essie To Dry For on my right hand.  So I recommend a thick top coat.

I spent a lot of time this weekend staring at my nails trying to make up my mind whether to call this blue or green.   Not that it really matters but my family think I'm blue/green colour blind so I make an extra effort to identify blues and greens correctly.  Yesterday we were on the motorway and I spotted a car in front that looked like a similar colour so I made my husband catch up so I could compare it with my nails.  It was a Mitsubishi Mirage, probably around a 1997 model, and pretty much a perfect colour match.  Looking up the paint details it's called Neptune Green Metallic so I guess I can call this polish green :)  It's also the same colour as the carpet in our old house which was called Academy Grey but let's ignore that confusing detail.

Whatever you call it, it's a beautiful soft colour with all the added eye candy of glitter, holo and glow in the dark which means it's mesmerising in any light.
I am very impressed with these Nerdlacquers and recommend stalking the Etsy store to grab your own.


  1. Aaaahhh, this is utterly gorgeous. I missed the shop opening up again. :(

  2. I'm yet to try Nerd Lacquers but all hear are good things. From your pictures it looks green to me. :)

  3. This is so stunning! I love Nerd Lacquer!! :D

  4. Glow in the dark? I miss those, they're so old-school! This is beautiful :)

  5. "It's a glow-in-the-dark, linear holo with glitter." 3 things I love in 1 polish, I need it for sure!


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