Mar 26, 2012

Weekend haulage

I thought I'd share some quick photos of my weekend haulage and today's small nail mail.
I often pick up a polish or two when I'm out on the weekends and plan my shopping trips to include any polish sales or new stock but I look more than I buy.  I don't often specifically head out for a mega buy like I did this weekend.
This weekend I dragged the family out to the nail supply store.  It was a bit of a hike but we found it easily enough and the boys were reasonably well behaved.  We only had one screaming session from the 3yo (when he was told he couldn't play chasing around the aisles of polish) and they managed to avoid breaking anything so afterwards we took them to Yum Cha as a reward.
I found a lot of polishes I wanted, some I bought, some I fondled and put back, some I'm planning on going back for and some I wanted but couldn't find.   I got 13 China Glazes, 2 OPI, a spare bottle of Seche Vite (although I'm pretty sure Essie Good to Go is winning as my favourite), a large 473ml refill of Out The Door and a gallon of acetone.  Oh and a couple of empty 15ml bottles as freebies.  Then today I had 2 more China Glazes arrive.

Que photo spam...
From the left we have For Audrey, Re-Fresh Mint, Secret Peri-wink-le, Sour Apple.

What's with the dashes in periwinkle?  Is there some hidden meaning I'm missing?  and it actually says secrect on my label, I got my glasses out and checked.  Pretty sure it's meant to be secret.
From the left again here's DV8, TTYL, 2NITE and QT

and LOL, OMG, Kaleidoscope Him Out and He's going in Circles.
My two lonely OPIs Absolutely Alice and DS Original.  Considering how readily available OPIs are in Australia I really don't have many.  They are just too pricey here.

The last China Glazes are Meteor Shower and today's mail from The Nail Shop is Optical Illusion and Prism from the new Prismatic Chroma Glitters

Just enough to swatch a full nail wheel (I did Sour Apple twice).
I forgot to photograph the nail wheel and was too lazy to get the camera out again so I tested out my new scanner.  The scan turned out pretty close for colour and even showed some rainbows in the holos.  I didn't bother photographing the Out the Door, Seche Vite, acetone and empty bottles.  If anyone is curious I shoot mostly with a Canon 5DmkII and 580ex Flash and whatever lens is left on the camera.  Today it's a Tamron 90mm macro.  Yep it's pretty hard to do shots of my nails whilst holding a big heavy DSLR with one hand but bottle shots are easy.  I shoot on manual camera settings and manual flash settings (usually 1/2 power indoors at night).  I use a piece of white reflex paper as a backdrop (and to colour balance) and bounce my flash off the ceiling behind my head.  When I'm shooting my nails I try to use natural light outdoors, I don't need the added weight of the flash when I'm one handed :)
From the left...
China Glaze He's going in Circles, Kaleidoscope Him Out, Sour Apple, Meteor Shower,  For Audrey, Re-Fresh Mint, Secret Peri-wink-le, OPI Absolutely Alice and DS Original.

China Glaze Sour Apple over Essence Lime UP! (just had to try it), Prism, Optical Illusion, OMG, 2NITE, TTYL, QT, LOL and DV8.

2 coats of each with Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat.  The holo in He's going in Circles and Kaleidoscope Him Out is lost when the top coat is wet but once it's dry it looks even more holo.  I didn't notice any difference in the others.
Now I just have to decide which to wear first :)  I can already see some good underwear/layering combos.


  1. Ahhh these are so awesome! Nail porn is the best! I think the -wink- is what they're going for with the dashes maybe?

    1. ah hah! That makes sense, I'm just too blonde to have worked it out for myself. Or maybe it's having 2 little boys in the house, I just couldn't see the wink for the winkle (toilet training code word for boy bits) :P

  2. ooh which nail supply store is this?

  3. Wow, amazing haul! So jealous of the holos you found! Yeah, I think it's supposed to be "Secret Wink" since that one came from "Operation Colour" collection, which had a spy theme.

  4. Wow, amazing haul! So jealous of the holos you found! Yeah, I think it's supposed to be "Secret Wink" since that one came from "Operation Colour" collection, which had a spy theme.

  5. Awesome haul! I'll have to check my bottle of Secret Peri-Wink-Le to see how it's spelled. :)

  6. My bottle of Secret Peri-Wink-Le has the dash too.. I think they're just trying to be cheeky by having "Wink" in there.

  7. Awesome haul! How did you get your hands on those China Glaze holos? I'd love to know as i want them! I've been after them for ages! I'm after LOL, OMG, Kaleidoscope him out and DS original.

  8. these are from Pro Nail Supply in Bankstown.
    I confess I may have grabbed a extra bottle of OMG for a future giveaway along with a couple of other favourites :)

    1. ohh poo! I'm in Adelaide! Do you know if they ship out by any chance?

  9. WOW they have omg there! I wish we had a nail supply store in was the pricing? as good as buying online?


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