Jun 25, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection

Look what arrived today!  It's my Rainbow Honey order, the new Equestria Collection. 

I've been so looking forward to these but before I could even open them I had to get photos of this cute packaging.  The presentation is so professional.  Each box is sealed with a silver heart sticker.   I must admit I ended up opening the boxes from the bottom so I wouldn't have to break any hearts :)  The minis in the bag are the free secret polishes that were included when preordering the full Collection

This is (left to right) The Worst Possible Thing,  A Little Kindness, Hoof Wrassle, Pinkie Promise, The Element of Magic and 20% Cooler.

These are the two secret mini polishes, Mare of the Moon and Celestia, and I included the full size Hoof Wrassle in the middle to show how they are labeled on the lids.  I love that labeling, it means I'll be able to easily find each colour in my Helmer drawers.  Usually I put a sticker on the lids with a dab of the polish so I can see the colours without having to pick each bottle up so this saves me having to do that and looks a lot neater.
The secret polishes are not so secret by the time they've reached Australia, I've already seen them on a number of blogs, but still a surprise to see them in person.  I think Mare of the Moon is my current favourite, after swatching them all on a nail wheel, but I struggled with the small bottle, well not the bottle but the full sized lid obscures the short brush so I couldn't see where I was painting.  I need a full size of this!
Now the question is which do I wear first.  Any suggestions?  I've tried each on the nail wheel on it's own, over black and over a complimentary colour.  There's so many options.


  1. Oooh, so pretty..wear Mare of the Moon or a Little Kindness! How is the formula?

    1. The formula is good. I didn't actually notice anything about it at first which must mean it's good :) Flows nicely, not goopy or too thick and no messing around to get the glitter out/on. I got a nice even spread of glitter from each with just normal brushing. They dry pretty quick too :)
      I really want to wear Mare of the Moon but I'm just too clumsy with the short brush, wide lid combo on the minis. I'm going to wear A Little Kindness for my Friday glitter nails.

  2. Can't wait to see your swatches of these! I love the packaging. :)

  3. Ooh, gorgeous! I can't wait for mine to arrive!


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