Jun 30, 2012

Showing A Litte Kindness

Happy Glitter Me Up Friday! Today I thought I'd show you A Little Kindness and a lot of photos :)  OK so it's Saturday but I have the flu so I passed out early yesterday after I'd finished the photos for this post.  Or rather I just zombied out in front of the computer with frequent checks to see if the Dollish Polish store had restocked.  My husband got me some wonderful new flu medication but it knocks me out, as opposed to the non-drowsy version that makes my mind race.
A Little Kindness by Rainbow Honey is from the new Equestria Collection, which is based on the My Little Pony series.  Now I was never into My Little Pony, it was after my time, so I can't say I know much about them.  I was midway through high school when My Little Pony first became popular so I was too old for them and we didn't have a TV until 1984 so I missed the early years of MLP media exposure/advertising.  When I saw this collection though I just had to have it, it's just so magical and pretty.
The Equestria Collection from Rainbow Honey.  A Little Kindness is second from the left.

When I ordered the set it was A Little Kindness I wanted most.  I had envisioned wearing it over pale yellow or a minty green and while I waited for the pre-order invoice I went ahead and bought a few polishes ready for underwear duty.
In the bottle glitter macro.  Look there's even clear glitter!

As soon as the collection arrived I started swatching on nail wheels.  I actually filled a whole nail wheel just with A Little Kindness over all different base colours (I should have taken a photo) and it looks amazing over everything!  It is so versatile and each base brings out different shimmer colours or enhances different glitters.  It looks great over yellow and green as I expected but also amazing over black, purple, blue, pink, nude and grey.  Really wow over grey!  In the end though I decided to wear it over the Sally Hansen In A Flash that I wore on Wednesday and blogged about here.

The Sally Hansen and A Little Kindness work really well together.  The colours match well with that pale creaminess and pink shimmer in each and the Sally Hansen is sheer enough that it doesn't dominate the top coat and lets all the glitter colours show.  It's a rather delicate look for a glitter polish. 

For some reason this makes me think of Christmas baubles.  I think I'll be wearing this combination again at the end of the year.
Weird angle but I wanted to catch the green shimmer.

I'm not going to try to describe all the colours and glitters in this, just have a look at that macro photo.  Each time I look I notice something new. It's one of those manicures I keep staring at in different lighting.  In the shade my nails look foily and in the sun they sparkle like crazy!
Outside in the shade.

In full sun.

A Little Kindness is smooth and easy to work with.  The glitter goes on evenly with normal brush strokes.  There's no fishing or dabbing to get good cover, and no need to poke any glitter flat.  On my index and little finger I have 2 thin coats (over 3 coats of In A Flash) and on my middle and ring fingers I have 1 thick coat.  I wanted to compare drying times with the different coats but I really didn't notice any difference and I think the single thick coat looks better.
In full sun.

I finished with a coat of Lynnderella Glitter Tamer.  It's not my usual top coat of choice but as my Sally Hansen Base was 3 days dry I didn't want to use Seche Vite or Essie or Poshe top coats because they seem more inclined to 'shrink' over a completely dry polish.

I can still feel the glitter through the top coat but it's not rough.  A second top coat would make it smooth but I'm happy with it like this and don't want the extra thickness of another coat.
I love A Little Kindness! It's so pretty and so delicate.
This guy was watching me resize the photos last night, from his perch on my husbands chest.

Do you think he wants his nails done? 
Nope I don't think he's impressed.
This is cool (I think).  I cropped in on his eye and could see 3 members of the family reflected in there.
No I don't have a weird shaped head, that's the camera in front of my face with the flash pointing up to bounce off the roof.

and last photo spam :)  Part of one of my towers of nail wheels.  The kids like to go through these and pick colours for me to wear.

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