Nov 20, 2012

Aussie Nails Monday - Glitter

It's the second Aussie Nails Monday but before I share my ANM nails let me just have a little fan girl moment.  I'm the guest blogger on More Nail Polish today.  More Nail Polish is one of my favourite blogs/bloggers so it's such a thrill for me to see my nails on there again.  Last time was a nail art competition and I thought that was exciting, even more so to have a whole blog post this time :)  You can see my blog post on More Nail Polish here and my previous nail art entry here (it's the Doctor Who Tardis design).

So each Monday we (a bunch of Aussie girls) are going to be sharing our nails inspired by a set theme and our theme this week is GLITTER.  Last week we started with BIRTHDAY, you can see last weeks birthday nails here.
I have a lot of glitter polishes but I wanted to do something a little different this week.  I also have a bit of a stash of glitter for mixing my own polishes.  Most of the glitter polish I wear or make is quite bold and strongly coloured so today I wanted to try a soft glitter look.
I started with 2 coats of Essence Colour & Go Grey-t To Be Here.   I love Essence polishes.  They're cheap and wear well and there's some really pretty colours.  The Colour & Go range also have colour co-ordinated lids that make it easy to find the right colour in my helmers.
Grey-t To Be Here is a pale grey with a beautiful pink shimmer through it.  It's a delicate colour so I used pastel matte glitters to decorate.  I poured a small pile of glitter onto my desk then used a dotting tool to pick it up one piece at a time and press it into wet top coat.
I've been struggling with my eyesight lately so the design is a bit messy, something I couldn't actually see, even with my glasses, until I downloaded the photos.  I think it's time I got new glasses again.  It sucks getting old :(  This time last year I didn't need glasses to paint my nails.  Thankfully I can still avoid painting my cuticles most of the time :) I also got bubbles in the top coat.  I used a slow drying top coat so I had time to do the glitter on all my nails before it set and then I used a quick dry top coat for my final coat and that's what caused the bubbles.
Then, because I was still feeling creative and the child was keeping himself amused for a while, I quickly added stripes.
I used Essie Lion Around (the lighter pink) and Essie Your Hut or Mine for the stripes.   Then finally the sun came out for a moment before it rained all afternoon.
Here's what was keeping the child amused.  Assembling my newest helmer.  So easy a 4yo can do it .
This helmer came all the way from South Australia.  It was cheaper to have someone buy it there and post to Sydney than to buy from the Sydney Ikea.  South Australian Ikea prices are quite a bit cheaper for things like helmers but unfortunately they wont deliver to NSW but if you have a friend down there who's willing to pick one up and drop it off at the post office you can save about $25.  Ikea's flat packed boxes are all ready for posting, you just need to stick an address label on :) 

Here's the other girls who are participating in Aussie Nails Monday.  Some are blog sites and some are on instagram. I'm off to bed now but looking forward to checking out their nails over breakfast :)


  1. Oh I love this so much! The pastel glitters are gorgeous! I wanted to do something with loose glitter but then I remembered I don't really have any. LOL. Better get some! ;)

  2. How fun! Love the glitter colors where did you purchase them?

  3. This is beautiful. What great placement and idea. I live it. I need to try something with loose glitter sometime.

    I also think I should consider trying these challenges too. I'm not on Facebook though. :/ I find not being on Facebook causes some problems.

  4. Love that matte pastel glitter, and Mr 4 building the helmer. My Mr 4 loved screwing the handles on too.


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