Nov 18, 2012

Lighting Up Purple

November 17 is World Prematurity Day.  On this day landmarks around the world are `lighting up’ purple to raise awareness of the 15 million babies born prematurely each year and the 1 million babies who sadly lose their fight for life.
As a mother to two prems this is an issue close to my heart so I thought I'd paint my nails with purple glitter today to 'light up' my nails.  I'm lucky enough to have a gorgeous new polish to wear. It's not actually purple glitter, it's a rich indigo purple base with turquoise blue and fuchsia pink glitter. There's tiny square and hex glitter and best of all round glitter. I love round glitter :) Like polka-dots.
This is Indigo from Rachel of Glam Polish
Rachel has great taste in polish so I knew when she started mixing her own it would be impressive.  It's been exciting to see little glimpses of her design process along the way.  I know she's put a lot of thought and research into her polish, and it shows in the quality of this product.
This is 3 coats, no underwear.  I tested it over a few different base colours but decided to wear it on it's own for it's first full manicure.  The colour is sheer but builds up beautifully in 3 coats and I love the depth of all the glitter in those layers.
This applied perfectly (almost painted itself), it flows really well for a glitter (or any polish).  There was no need to dab it on or fish for glitter and it didn't drag at all.  Just 3 wonderfully even coats and no topcoat.  It dries so smooth and shiny it doesn't need topcoat.
Check out that glitter!  Dots galore!  It's such a gorgeous mix and the purple base is an incredible colour. Apologies for the shiny cuticles.  After swatching this over different bases, and removing, my cuticles took quite a beating from the acetone so I'm bathing them in Gloss 'n Sparkle cuticle oil.  Normally it soaks right in but I went a bit overboard tonight.   I also had to use flash which highlights the oil.  We've had a couple of dreary wet days and I've given up waiting for the sun for outdoor photos.  I bet tomorrow will be sunny now I've taken my photos.
The Glam Polish store isn't open yet but when it is I know I'll be snapping up some more of her range.  Keep an eye out at for when it opens or watch her blog for news    It's one of my favourite blogs and worth following.  She has beautiful nails and photos and an impressive collection of indie polishes.
I'll leave you with pics of my little prems.  They are 'success' stories but not every premature birth turns out so well.  Many babies don't make it and those that do can face a life time of medical issues.    It's a traumatic experience for everyone involved.   No family is ever the same again after a premature birth but we are very fortunate to have two happy, healthy boys.  My miracle boys :)
Alex was born at 26 weeks weighing 670gms.  This photo was taken when he was 10 days old.  He spent 100 days in hospital, 79 of those in the NICU, and came home (on oxygen) weighing just under 2kg.
Ben was born at 35 weeks weighing 1840gms.  This photo was taken the day after he was born.   He spent 2 weeks in special care and actually came home weighing less than Alex did when he came home.
This is a photo from today, the boys were reading to Bob the bear.  Bob is a guest for the weekend.  The children in Alex's class take turns taking Bob home for weekends and journal and photograph their weekend with Bob.  This is Alex's first time bringing Bob home and both boys are excited about it.
Alex is now 7 and in second grade and Ben is now 4 and starts preschool next year.  Alex has reached average weight and height for his age and Ben is still quite a bit below average height but has reached average weight (feeding and weight gain is such a big deal in the life of a prem).


  1. Very pretty polish. And I'm glad your sons are healthy.

  2. Awesome post with a lovely story behind it. Love those round glitters too, I will have to stalk her shop!

  3. lovely lovely polish and what a pair of handsome boy you've! xx


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