Jul 25, 2013

Pretty Serious 88mph

Pretty Serious Cosmetics' most recent collection, "Hit the Road", had one polish that I absolutely had to have (OK so I actually pre ordered the whole collection but they were all must haves really).  This is Pretty Serious 88mph.  It's based on the DeLorean from Back to the Future.  DeLoreans have doors that go up.  My car has doors that go up.  See the connection?  I like to think of my car as the DeLorean's little sister so of course I had to have 88mph.
88mph is a jam packed, full coverage, glitter bomb.  If you like it rough like the current sand textured polish trend then you'll love this without a top coat.  A top coat (or two) will smooth it out but I actually love the texture.  I couldn't stop touching it.
Look at that gritty goodness!

In the sun it sparkles like crazy so here's a blurry shot to show the holo rainbows.

For a dense glitter this was wonderfully easy to apply.  It looks thick on the brush but then it flows smoothly onto the nail.  One coat will do but I used two which made the grey/silver look darker.
Here's a shot with my car.  It was too hard to get my car and my nails in the same shot so I cheated and used a photo of my car from an old calender.  My car looks pretty much the same now except it has nicer wheels  and a shiny intercooler showing in the front grill.  It's been in several calenders over the years (it's 23 years old).  This was a 2007 calendar, the June photo. She was also Miss March, September and November that year.
Pretty Serious 88mp is available from Pretty Serious Cosmetics at http://www.pretty-serious.com/ along with the rest of the Hit The Road collection.

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