Jul 31, 2013

Pickled Tink and Vanilla Dreams

Neon pink jelly with glitter?  Yes please!
This is Jindie Nails Pickled Tink.  It's a a limited edition polish for spring 2013 (I assume that's the US Spring because it's still Winter here).
It's a bright neon pink jelly base with silver and light pink metallic glitter.  There's little stars, large and small dots and lots of shimmer throughout.  There's also tiny iridescent squares and hexes that glow green and purple when the light hits them.
Surprisingly I also found heart shaped glitter.  I can't see any in the bottle and I haven't read anything about hearts in the official description or any reviews so I was a bit confused when one appeared on my middle finger nail.  Even more surprised to have one show up on my right hand too.  I was tempted to save them when I took this off and put them back in the bottle in case there aren't any more.  They seemed like little lucky charms :)
This is three coats and I love the way the glitter layers build up and show through the jelly.  The little stars are so cute.  I used a top coat to smooth this out but the stars were still a bit prickly.  Another layer of top coat would fix that.
It's UV/black light reactive so if you're out clubbing it's going to glow like crazy.
I received this beauty from Sophie at Femme Fatale Cosmetics  She also sent me Rainbow Honey cuticle balm in the scent Vanilla Dreams.   I use a lot of cuticle oils and hand creams, especially in winter, so I'm always keen to try something new.

This cuticle balm is in a .07oz stick.  Not sure what that is in metric but it's a perfect purse size and that's where I keep it, in my makeup bag.  Actually it will need replacing soon, I've been using it so much. 

It's a firm stick that I just rub all around my nails including under the free edge.  Then I just wait a minute for it to start melting on my skin then I use my fingers to massage it into my cuticles.  It seems to soak right in without leaving my skin looking greasy, or at least a lot less greasy than liquid cuticle oil.   I still like to have a good soak in the liquid stuff but this balm stick is tidier and quicker before photos and when I'm out.

It smells lovely too.  A nice soft scent that's especially nice at night when I sleep with my hands curled up under my chin.
Jindie nails and Rainbow Honey are available from http://femmefatalecosmetics.com.au/, along with many other indie brands.

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