Aug 12, 2012

GMUF - When Planets Collide

Happy Glitter Me Up Friday!  OK so it's Saturday and it's almost over but I've finally decided to share these pics.  I was so disappointed with my manicure and photos yesterday that I wasn't going to blog them but I didn't have time to redo anything.  I made a mess of this and the photos really don't do the polish justice, but I can't let GMUF go by without showing some glitter.

This is When Planets Collide from Emily de Molly, another great Aussie indie brand.  I have three Emily de Molly polishes and couldn't decide which to feature for GMUF so I let my husband choose.  Obviously he chose this. 

When Planets Collide is a sheer black jelly with blue, turquoise and orange glitter.  It becomes almost opaque with 3 coats and I love the look of the glitter suspended in the jelly.   For this manicure though I decided to layer it over a dark base.  I thought it would be quicker than 3 coats and make the glitter stand out more.  I stuffed up though and used a dark grey base rather than a simple black.  The grey wasn't dark enough and showed through the black jelly so I ended up using three thick coats of When Planets Collide to try and cover up the grey.  

I was in a hurry though so I added the third coat before the second was dry and then because the kids needed help with something I slapped on a thick fast dry top coat thinking that would set it all.  It didn't, it bubbled and I dinged two nails before I could take photos.  Then I tried quick dry drops and while rubbing the excess oil off, the polish started sliding off.  So I quickly took some photos.  There was no sun so I took them indoors with flash and I'm not happy with them.

I really stuffed this :(  Such a waste of a beautiful polish. The name is perfect for this, it looks like a mini galaxy of planets.  Next time I'm going to either use a black base or none and I'll make sure the kids are out of the way so I can let each layer dry properly. After I'd taken photos I wiped this lot off.  Literally wiped it off, with my fingers and no polish remover.  Total fail!

Emily de Molly polishes are available from her etsy store Emily de Molly etsy store.  She ships quickly and her polishes are beautiful.  Don't let my mess put you off.  I promise to do better next time.
Oh and it looks like I've received a few blog awards, or the same one a few times over.  Thanks girls I'm honoured and a little stunned.  I'll have to have a look and work out what I have to do, just as soon as I get some quiet time without the flu that's been bugging the whole family since Thursday.  Does anyone else find it hard to think with other people around?  Hubby has been home sick since Thursday and so was the 7yo.
Here's the rest of the Great Aussie Polish Challenge girls, go check them out :)


  1. Yay, mani snap! Despite your issues, this still looks absolutely stunning.

  2. So pretty! I still need to get an Emily de Molly wish list sorted out! I can't see any imperfections in your manicure, you're pictures looks great to me! :)

  3. Despite your mishaps (yes, we do all have them from time to time) the mani came out lovely. And had you not have said anything I wouldn't have noticed any bubbles or dents.

  4. You've been tagged with the Liebster Blog award. See my blog for instructions.


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