Aug 2, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge - Ozotic Wednesday

Next up on The Great Aussie Polish Challenge I have the Ozotic brand.  Ozotic make the most beautiful multichromes, duochromes, and holographics.  Unfortunately they are discontinuing the 500 series which are multichromes, linear holos, the Elytra glitters and the Mish Mash range, which are holographic multichromes.  There's still some colours left in the Goodbye Shades section at piCture pOlish if you're quick (and they're reduced too).  Of course the Ozotic 600 and 700 series will still be available but it's the 500s that seem to be the most loved, two of which I'm showing you today.

This is Ozotic 526, it's a black holo and it's still available in the Goodbye Shades here.  I had trouble photographing the holographic effect on my nails.  In real life it was blazing rainbows in the sun.  Like the bottle.

This is just one coat, no top coat!  What more could you want, a one coat black with holo :)  All the Ozotics I've tried have been smooth and easy to apply, pretty much a perfect formula.

Then because I already had a black base I decided to layer it with Ozotic 503 (sorry I think this one is all sold out). 

The multichromes are quite sheer and designed to be warn over a black or dark base.  I usually prefer to use a dark colour similar to the base colour of the multichrome, in this case it would be green, only because I don't like the look of black edges around my multichromes and I rarely paint well enough to hide the edges.

Ozotic 503 shifts from coppery pink to a rich emerald green.  In between there's shades of bronze, olive green and some blue and purple at extreme angles.  It's quite amazing and it's the green that I love.

I took rather a lot of photos to try and catch all the colour changes.

A most unflattering angle but you can see the blue and purple starting to appear at this angle.

I stood with my nails out in front of the camera and spun in a circle to catch the light from all angles.  Then I made a quick animated gif from the pics.  It's my first attempt at this so it's rough.

Ozotic is available from piCture pOlish in Australia and their International Network Members
Here's the rest of the Great Aussie Polish Challenge girls. 


  1. I have both of these. I'm so behind on swatching my Ozotics. Cool gif! :)

  2. ha ha! i have these 2 polishes scheduled for the next couple of days! they are soooo nice!!!

  3. That looks great! I ordered 526 on Monday so hoping it gets here tomorrow.

  4. Great post, love the gif, very tricky!!

  5. Awesome post! Loving the Ozotic black and the gif is just too cute for words :)


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