Aug 3, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish Challenge - GMUF - Peita's Polish

Today for The Great Aussie Polish Challenge and Glitter Me Up Friday I have a brand new polish brand, Peita's Polish.  I was so excited to try these.  This is Aloha and Shipwrecked.  Don't they look like the perfect pair?  I was hoping they'd look good together and they exceeded my expectations.

Aloha is a shimmery teal with a silky smooth finish.  I was stunned from the first application, it's such a gorgeous colour.  A lot of the time the solid colours from an indie brand will get overlooked in favour of the glitters but after trying this I want all Peita's other solids.  It really is a perfectly mixed formula that applies beautifully.

This is 3 coats, no top coat.   I could have done with another coat on my middle finger, I applied the polish a bit thin there, but the sun came out briefly so I rushed outside to get some photos while I could.  It's been such a cold gloomy day today :(  Why does the sun hide so much on Glitter Me Up Friday?

In the sun Aloha shimmers and in the shade it glows.  Shiny and silky.
In the sun.

In the shade.

I love this colour!  I'm not sure that it quite works with my skin tone but I don't care.  Anyway because it's Friday I added a coat of  Shipwrecked.

Shipwrecked is fine teal glitter with large copper hex glitters.  It looks like old coins spilled across the sea floor.  A tropical sea with clear turquoise waters.  Ahhh I need a holiday.

This is just one coat of Shipwrecked over Aloha.  There was no need to mess around fishing or dabbing the glitter to get this fairly even coverage of copper hexes.  I could of added another coat for a heavier glitter cover but I liked it just like this.   The glitter sparkles beautifully without overwhelming Aloha.  See what I mean about them being the perfect pair?

Shipwrecked is another great formula, it's not at all thick or goopy and flows really well. This dried pretty smooth but I finished with a coat of Seche Vite for greater depth (and because I needed dry nails to cook dinner). 
Peita has a lovely looking blue polish called Pacific which I think would also work well with Shipwrecked but I don't have it so before I took off yesterdays Pretty Serious Cosmetics BSOD I tried Shipwrecked over it.  Not the same blue but I was curious to see how it would look.

Not bad eh?  I think I prefer Aloha though, simply because it has more impact and really makes the copper colour 'pop'.  Naturally I then had to fill a nail wheel trying Shipwrecked over a heap of different colours.  Like most layering glitters it has so many possible colour combinations, each which give different emphasis to the copper or teal glitter but I still think Aloha is my first love :)

Peita's Polish is custom blended (not frankened), all 3 free and available from
Currently Peita is offering 15% off in celebration of her birthday.  Just use the coupon code BIRTHDAY.  Check out (and like) her facebook page for more info and don't forget to wish her a happy birthday :)
Oh and here's the rest of the Great Aussie Polish Challenge girls. 


  1. You enabler! I checked out the shop and have sent a message to Peita about getting my hands on some of her polish. Thanks for showcasing this polish. :)

  2. Ooh nice! I like Peita's Polish.

  3. nice! i am a huge fan of those colours and i would also love to see it over black or navy too!

  4. I love Aloha, it looks like a gorgeous pretty!

  5. This glitter looks amazing over both colours! Beautiful swatches xx

  6. Aloha and Shipwrecked are the perfect combination. I'm going to check out Peita's Etsy store now! :)


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