May 7, 2014

Chipped nails

I painted my nails last night and for the first time in ages I left it on.  My stubby broken middle nail is starting to catch up so it doesn't look too weird.  Soon I'll be able to file a few mm of the rest and they should all match again :)

I've been wanting to try the Moyou Sci-fi 05 plate for a while now.  I wanted a classic gold on green circuit board look with a twist.  So I used Serum No5 Twilight Sparks as the base colour, it glows in the dark :)  I was so keen to stamp I didn't get any photos of Twilight Sparks first and I haven't tried a shot in the dark yet but it glows green.
The stamping polish is a Mundo de Uñas gold. Unfortunately with the gold shimmer in the base colour the stamping didn't stand out as much as I wanted.
Twilight Sparks dries to a slightly rough matte finish but a top coat really brings out the shimmer.

My husband said I chipped my nails.  I think he was being punny :P

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