May 5, 2014

Sunday photo spam.

I am itching to do something creative on my nails tonight but I can't so I'm trying to satisfy my creative urges by going back through my photos from the last few months and finally blogging them.   Most of these I've already shared on Instagram or Facebook but I didn't think they were good enough for a full blog post of their own so now they get to be part of a series of photo spam posts. 
I've been nursing a bad break for a while.  My middle fingernail broke, way down on my nail bed, and I've been patching it until I could grow it out to cut off.  Which means my middle nail has been mismatched, often shorter than the others and often thick and wide depending on how well I patched it with silk and gel.  Each time I removed my polish I had to re-repair my nail so I am finally relieved it has grown out.  It was also a bit painful for a while there.  Unfortunately my nails still don't look good.  I've cut my other nails down as short as I can but they still aren't as short as my middle (no)nail.  I've painted my nails twice tonight and just taken it off each time because it just looks wrong :(  Add to that a badly torn cuticle and burnt knuckles and I'm feeling quite sorry for myself and my poor naked, stained, mismatched nubs.
Cue the photo therapy...
A feather mani that glows in the dark with Polish Addicts Sandcastles.
Joss Duotone Pink Sparkle over black.
Zoya Gwin.
Creeper nails for Minecraft Camp.  Two different green Mundo de Uñas stamping polishes over Illamasqua Omen.  The bass colour is UV reactive.
Zoya Beatrix.
Then over Zoya Beatrix I stamped a tiger pattern. Of course I lost the lovely PixieDust texture when I top coated my stamping.
The colour and stripes were inspired by my ginger boy Data
and the eyes are from Spock.
Ok I think that will do for tonight. More photos tomorrow :)


  1. lovely picture !
    hope your nail will repair and grow up soon !
    my nails grow up about 4mm 5mm per months (i use vaseline and olive oil mostly for care )

  2. I LOVE the feather and the tiger manis! I hope your nails are doing better soon - I had a break like that recently too, they're horrible!


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