May 6, 2014

Neon eggs

Here's a little something I did for Easter.
I started with Joss Not That Shy.  A beautiful smooth neon pink that's so bright it's hard to photograph.
Added lots of dots.
This was a mix of Picture Polish, Ulta3 and Lime Crime colours.  I know it doesn't show in the photos but those are mostly neon colours.
Finished with some black stamping from Messy Mansion MM08 on my first two nails and hand drawn details on the other nails.
Then I outlined them all in black and finished with a coat of Picture Polish G'day Matte.
The neon pink Joss colour glows under UV but it will stain without a good base coat.


  1. Gorgeous! Using dots as a background for stamping and nail art is genius, love it!

  2. UV pixx reminds me of old school rave parties <3


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