May 17, 2012

Berry Nice Fantasy Fire

Here's a little layering combo I wore last week.  I took photos but just didn't get around to blogging about it.
I started with Picture Polish Berry Nice, one of the discontinued polishes I picked up in their Goodbye Shades sale

I love Picture Polish so grabbed most of the goodbye shades while I could.  I've been really impressed with all of them.  Looks like Berry Nice has gone now but there's still some other colours left worth grabbing.

Berry Nice is a gorgeous soft muted purple colour that dries to a velvety smooth matte finish in just one coat.  I did 2 coats though, just because I usually do.  I'm not a fan of matte finishes but this is beautiful and with Picture Polish quality, what's not to love?  It's a really nice matte, not at all rough or dry feeling. 

It looks elegant and classy with a finish I can't stop touching.  I wore this for a few days without a top coat and had no problems with chipping or cracking but then my aversion to matte became too strong to ignore.   Matte finishes are just too much like house paint on my nails and I've painted a lot of walls in my time.  Without top coat it also made my ridges a bit too noticeable.  Sorry my skin looks so dry.  I didn't put any hand cream on before I took photos because I didn't want to spoil the matte look.

Now I could have just put a glossy top coat on and left it for a few more days but I was ready for a change and Berry Nice looked like a good base for Max Factor Fantasy Fire.   I tested it on a nail wheel and loved the look with just 1 coat of Fantasy Fire but when it came to my nails 1 coat looked streaky over the lighter base.

So this is 2 coats of Fantasy Fire over 2 coats of Berry Nice.  I love Fantasy Fire and I'm fortunate enough to have a backup already (thanks Louise!).  I also have a bottle I made myself before I got Fantasy Fire using pigments and colour morphing powder.  It's pretty much a perfect match.  In the bottle mine looks bluer and on the nails mine has a little more colour shift but it's nice to know I can dupe the look when I run out of Fantasy Fire.  I should have taken a photo of my homemade version, maybe I'll do some comparison photos later.

Look at the colour shift!  Mostly pink and purple then at extreme angles  I can see blue and green.  So beautiful, shiny and mesmerizing in any light.

This lasted a few more days until I had a marathon bathing-the-kids-with-lots-of-bubbles session and chipped 2 nails.

Picture Polish Berry Nice and Max Factor Fantasy Fire, a pretty prefect combination :)


  1. Gorgeous! Lucky you, with your two FFs. :) I love the photo of that purple with the orchid, too.

  2. ooooh, perfect base for this beauty!

  3. oooOOoooo. That is a nice combination. I'd love to get my hands on Fantasy Fire. I did however just pick up Nfu Oh 51. That definitely satisfied my hunger for FF.

  4. I love the finish on this! Stunning with FF layered :)

  5. It looks awesome with Fantasy Fire on top! :O


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