May 23, 2012

Ludurana is a Hits?

I have a couple of multichromes that seemed very similar so I decided to wear them together for comparison.  Turns out they are identical.

This is Ludurana Aurora Boreal Admiravel and Hits Mari Moon Chameleon.  Each can be opaque in 3 coats on their own but I wore them over black.

The Hits is on my index and ring finger and Ludurana on my middle and little finger.

I actually prefer the way these look without the black underwear but they are such small bottles I thought the black would let me compare the colours without using too much of them.  I still ended up doing 2 coats of each.  

The only real difference between them is Admiravel seems to be subtly scented and Chameleon has a dodgy brush.  Actually all my Hits polishes have bad brushes, like they are melted on the ends.  This one is at least usable but messy.  I can see more brush marks on the Chameleon nails but I think it's due to the brush.

These photos are all taken outdoors in a mix of sun and shade.  I took a lot of photos to try and catch the colour changes. 

Please excuse the weird angles and dry skin.  There's been a bit of sickness in the family lately which means a lot of hand washing and sanitising gel, which is really harsh on my skin.  There's some scratches and dents in the polish too because I took the photos on the second day of (hard) wear. 

I love the range of colours in these polishes, especially the rich emerald green.  There's shades of copper, gold, purple and blue too.
Such a change it's hard to believe it's the same polishes :)

Of the two I prefer Ludurana Aurora Boreal Admiravel.  It's a bigger bottle (8ml vs 6ml) and it smells nice.  The HITS Mari Moon Chameleon has that weird melted tip brush and the name rubs off the label, which is on the lid so you can't avoid handling it. 


  1. love this! might need to get some for myself!

  2. The green shift on both polishes is so gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous! And you have TWO versions of this - ENVIOUS :)

  4. Hi, I'm Mariana and I agree about your post. Both polishes are brazilian and here (i'm brazilian too and I live in Brazil - sorry about my bad english) the pharmaceutic company that made the color offer and sell the same product to others companies, and the result is : we have the same nail polish but two different trademarks.

  5. Ahh these are gorgeous! I really need to swatch my Mari Moons!

  6. I really want these (one is enough :D ), but I don't know how to get them without selling a kidney :^(


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