May 18, 2012

My husband can afford it (just don't tell him)

Happy Glitter Me Up Friday!  Today I have a gorgeous Lynnderella to show off.  It's green and it's glittery, two of my favourite things :) 
In full sun.

This is Lynnderella I Can Afford It! or as I like to think of it, My Husband Can Afford It.  I saw the name as a bit of a personal challenge so I had to have this one.  Of course though, with all Lynnderella's, it's not about affording it, it's about availability.  I got this through the long wish list process at Llarowe
In the shade.

It's a stunning green, actually what I consider a perfect Christmas green.  It has a range of different green glitters with some random purple and gold glitters.  I love those random colours.  The purple and gold look so good with this rich green.

I layered two coats of I Can Afford It! over 2 different green multichromes I was testing yesterday and they are over black.  Hence the growth gap, my nails grow so quickly.   I'll do a separate post about those greens later, they deserve it :)  Really, I Can Afford It! looks pretty amazing over anything.  I've tried black, red, blue, purple and so many different shades of green.

It went on smoothly, no dabbing needed to spread the glitter and I finished with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.  The only rough bit left is a piece of square glitter on my little finger nail that is curled. 

This survived a long hot shower this morning, (trying to steam my sinuses) and a vigorous hair wash, a knife across my nails while making packed lunches and a burn while cooking home lunches.  So I'm pretty sure it's set strong and undentable and I'll probably get sick of the thickness on my nails long before this chips.

I loved the look of this so much I made some earrings to match.

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