May 16, 2012

Now this is Pretty Serious!

If you haven't seen it yet (you're missing out) Pretty Serious Cosmetics opened their store on Monday.  I actually had the page open over breakfast, watching the timer count down so I could shop :)  Pretty Serious is the brainchild of Kaz from Pretty Random blog.  Kaz is one of my favourite nail bloggers, she really knows her polish.  It's obvious her Pretty Serious products are well thought out right down to the cutest packaging.  There's nail polish, loose eye shadows and lip gloss and everything is vegan, cruelty-free, big 3-free and formaldehyde resin free.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on her polish.  I have 3 bottles of polish from her inaugural 'Hello World!' collection and now I've tried them I can't wait to get the rest.  The colours are stunning, they apply beautifully, dry fairly quickly and so far no chips (I'm on day 3 of Tux which Kaz sent me pre release).  I love the bottle shape, it's just like the square Bloom bottles, the brush is perfect, the lids are a nice grippy soft touch and each polish comes in the cutest box.  The colour names are clever and the service is great.  I ordered Monday morning and they were here the next day.  I'd love to try some of the eye shadows and lip gloss too but I spend all my (husbands) money on polish so for now I have Tux, VT100 and BSOD polishes.  I'll comment on the others later but for now here's some pics of Tux.

Tux is a very dark blackened teal.  It looks black and then when the light hits it there's this gorgeous teal shimmer.  The sort of shimmer that has me twisting my hands back and forwards under the lamp, just staring :) 

I noticed a purple duochrome effect in the bottle and it's very subtle on my nails, just visible at the right angle, but couldn't pick it up with the camera.  Mostly it's all about the teal shimmer.

It went on smooth.  I did 2 coats but some nails looked good with just one.  The brush worked well and the formula was perfect.  I don't do acetone clean up on my nails so with dark polishes messy brush strokes can be very obvious but this was easy to control. 

I've been wearing this for 3 days so far through cooking, cleaning, typing, hair washing, can opening and kid wrangling, with no chips or cracking.  I don't want to take it off but I can't wait to wear the other colours.

Look how shiny it is!  I can see my house in my nails :)

Look how cute the packaging is.
I believe the name Tux is a reference to the LINUX penguin.  Something I saw a lot of around 15 years ago.  I'm really out of touch with Linux these days but I still remember a Tux soft toy or 2 sitting in the computer room.

You can pick up the Hello World collection from  Pretty Serious Cosmetics  The polishes are $9.95 Australian and international shipping is available.  They are pretty seriously good :)  I seriously can not say enough good things about them.  You will seriously miss out if you don't grab some.  OK seriously I should shut up now :)


  1. Seriously gorgeous swatch! I seriously can't wait to get my bottle of Tux. Seriously. :)


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