Jul 18, 2012

Getting Savvy

Just a quick post because things are flat out here.  My parents get back from 3 months in Sweden tomorrow so I'm having a 'spring' clean to make sure everything is spotless.  We'll be bringing them back here to pick up their cat, give Dad his birthday pressies etc before taking them over to their house.  We've hired a van to pick them up from the airport so we can all fit.  Unfortunately the van has turned out to be filthy and shabby so we wont be traveling in style.  If we'd known what condition it was in earlier we would have hired one from somewhere else.  At least I wont feel too bad about the kids eating their breakfast in the van on the way to the airport.  We also have a special delivery coming tomorrow which will involve posing for photos of us receiving it.  I won something and they want to take a photo when they bring it.  The kids are very excited :)  So it's a big day tomorrow and I still need to mop the floor.  It's also my husband's 40th on Friday so I've been making (and eating) practice birthday cakes.  Tonight we will indulge in some chocolate and caramel layer cake (2 layers of each) while we wait for the floor to dry.
This is Devil's Punch from Savvy by DB.  I picked this up from Priceline a few weeks ago for something like $2.99.  Actually I grabbed a few colours :)  From the left it's Sangria, Devil's Punch, Tickled Pink, Purple Viking and Blue Bayou.

Devil's Punch is a gorgeous fuchsia pink with a blue/purple pearl effect.  The fuchsia didn't look so great on me but in low light, when it turned purple, I loved it.

I took a lot of photos to try and catch the purple colour.  Unfortunately it showed best in low light which meant taking slow shots without flash so the purple shots are blurry.

Hard to believe it's the same colour right?

This is 3 coats without top coat.  It's smooth and easy to apply, no dragging, bubbling, gooping etc, regular drying time, not too stinky and best of all cheap :)

You can also layer Devil's Punch over black or a dark polish to bring out the purple.  I might try a black base next time.

This has lasted me 5 days now with no chipping.  I had planned on doing something new for tomorrow but half expected to lose a nail or two while cleaning today so I haven't changed my polish yet.  Now I'm almost done for the night and (touch wood) my nails are intact and I don't even have any chips.   So I really don't have any reason to change my polish, it looks great except for the growth gap and I'm better off getting some sleep before heading out at dawn for the trip to the airport.


  1. Spell check complete. All good.

    Love that purple/pink effect BTW!

  2. Purple Viking looks interesting. I'm going to priceline today so I'll keep an eye out for it. :)

  3. That looks stunning over black. Oh and what did ou win that they want to take photos with. It must be big.

    1. I won $140 worth of Chuggington toys for the kids from Doorbuster.com.au and they wanted photos for their facebook page. No sign of the photos yet but the kids are completely preoccupied with the toys, especially the 3yo who fits on the ride on train. Should keep the kids quiet for a few days :)


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