Jul 21, 2012

GMU Friday - Old Money for the old man :)

Happy Glitter Me Up Friday and Happy Birthday Babe!  It's my husbands 40th birthday today and I have sparkly nails for the occasion.  I think it looks a bit like 40 lit candles on a caramel mud cake (his favourite).  Not that we had 40 candles or cake today, we're celebrating tomorrow.

This sparkly goodness is Syn Cosmetics Old Money.  It's a feast of bar glitter, coppery hexes and gold holo glitter in a clear base.  It's perfectly named because it does look like a pile of copper coins.  Unfortunately by the time I got around to photos of the finished manicure there wasn't enough light outside so I had to use flash for these shots.  I hate these short winter days :(

This is two normal coats over my base colour.  It went on smoothly with no need to fish or dab the glitter.  I liked the look with just one coat of glitter but for today's nails I wanted two coats of bling.  You could easily build up more layers of glitter too without much bulk.  The glitter sits nice and flat and I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.  This is seven coats all together with base coat, 'underwear' colour, glitter and top coat and it doesn't feel thick or lumpy.
In full sun.

For my base colour I started with two thin coats of Orly Glitz.
In the shade.

Glitz is a beautiful shimmery gold.  It seemed to take a long time for each coat to dry though.  It was still dentable when I took these photos and I didn't realise until I hit my little finger nail with the lens cap.

This was too brassy for the look I wanted though so I layered Glitz with one coat of Layla Metal Sense  #11.  The Layla is a soft silver grey to copper pink duochrome but it's quite sheer so one coat over Glitz was enough to turn the gold into rose gold.  I applied it a bit too thickly on my ring finger and you can see the difference just the thickness of the polish makes with more pinkiness and less gold showing through.

I think this made for the perfect underwear for Old Money.  Old Money also looks great over purple, red, turquoise and emerald green.  I know because I tried a lot and had trouble deciding on my favourite :)

Old Money is available from Syn Cosmetics at http://syncosmetics.com  While you're there check out the rest of the awesome polishes.  My polishes arrived quickly and well packed and the customer service is great :)  There's also some gorgeous looking makeup glitter and pigments and you can get sample bags.  I was very tempted to get a set of samples but my list of colours got too long and my eyes were starting to hurt from staring at the screen so long so I just stuck to the polishes to start with.  There's some cool glow in the dark polishes and some fantastic looking colour changing polishes coming.  There's a video of the colour changing effect on the Syn Cosmetics facebook page https://www.facebook.com/syncosmetics  I confess I've watched it a few times.  I love special effect polishes, anything like glowing and colour changing screams out to my inner child :)  

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  1. Stunning layering combo. The metal sense looks so pretty. Love this look.

  2. Just wonderful! I'm always there for golden bronze bling! xo

  3. I nominated you for an award! http://passionforpolish.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/appreciation-award.html


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