Jul 30, 2012

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2012!

Finally it's time for the piCture pOlish Blogfest 2012!  I feel like I have been waiting so long for this.  I am thrilled to be part of this.  piCture pOlish is my favourite Australian polish brand (big call I know because we have some fabulous Aussie brands).  I think I have more bottles of piCture pOlish than any other brand in my collection, over 30 of them now. 
Blogfest is the day when bloggers around the world are reviewing the new piCture pOlish shades.  Aparently there's close to 80 bloggers participating.  If I can find a list of the bloggers I'll update this post so you can check them out.  We each got sent some of the new polishes to review and as excited as I am about the colours I received, I've been dying to see the other colours :) 
Warning mega photo spam approaching!  I took sooooo many photos but I have tried to cut them down a little.

The piCture pOlishes I received are Orbit - the perfect travel partner! and Kryptonite - super human nails for you!

I'm quite fond of the piCture pOlish bottles.  They are a nice solid rectangular shape, 11ml with good brushes and a nice soft touch grippy lid that's easy to open with slippery hand cream covered hands :)   They also have a QR label on the side which you can scan and it takes you straight to piCture pOlish on-line.  I haven't been able to test this because I don't have an internet enabled mobile phone but it sounds pretty cool.

Kryptonite is from the new Collaboration Collection, polishes designed in collaboration with bloggers.  Kryptonite was made in collaboration with Cathy from More Nail Polish  I'm a huge fan of Cathy so I'll admit to being a little star struck when I received this.  Cathy has an amazing blog, beautiful nails and is a really nice person too.  The pressure was on to do her polish justice!  If you haven't seen her blog you're missing out so go now, I mean after you've finished reading my blog of course, and then come back and tell me what you thought :)

Kryptonite is stunning!  It's a dark emerald green jelly with large scattered holographic particles that were hard to photograph.  It's unique to me, I have nothing similar in my collection.  The green jelly looks perfectly squishable and the holo sparkles and dances through the jelly.

It's perfectly named too.  Green polish is my kryptonite, it's the first colour I look for in any collection and I seem to be forever searching for the perfect green, especially a green holo!  Now I think I not only have the perfect green holo but it's the most perfect polish ever!  This polish was the perfect pick for me :)  How many times can I say perfect in one paragraph?

I wore this for a week and couldn't stop staring at it.  I think I drove my poor husband a little crazy with the number of times I said things like 'OMG this polish is amazing' and made him look at it under different lights.

It's so shiny and smooth and applied perfectly!  These photos show two coats with no top coat.  It didn't need a top coat to shine.  Of course the sun ran away as soon as I put it on so these photos are taken on day two, still no sun and some scratches across the surface from things like washing up.  Guess that's a good reason to wear a top coat.  These were taken outdoors on an overcast day.

Of course being Kryptonite I wanted to do some Superman (woman) inspired nail art so I printed up some little super logo water decals.  Unfortunately the ink wouldn't dry and bled on the paper and then the transfers wouldn't stick.  Maybe the paper has a use by date.  It worked great the last time I used it.

My little super logo didn't stay on long so I decided to try make some Kryptonite crystals with some nail art 'gems' I have, and cover with a top coat.  That weird green lump I'm holding is raw unpolished Australian malachite, the closest I have to kryptonite.

I think my Kryptonite crystals ended up more like dragon scales.

Look at the density of the holo particles.  You can see they're like little shreds or flakes rather than glitter.  Stunning!  I was worried that Kryptonite would be a stainer because I've found that well pigmented dark greens can stain.  I was very careful with removal to wipe it off towards the tip of my nails to keep it off my skin so ended up with only minor colour on my cuticles that washed off easily.  Same with my nails, only a hint of green remained through the base coat and that washed off leaving just the yellow staining courtesy of the Orly Glitz I wore a few weeks ago.

The other colour I received is Orbit, (yep I shortened my nails quite a bit between polishes).  Also a perfect choice for me because blue is the second colour I always look for in a collection.  This is one of the 'Mesh' shades.  I was worried that after wearing Kryptonite for a week Orbit would be a let down but nope, it's another wow polish that had me staring and turning my hands to catch all the angles and light.

Orbit is a dark blue jelly polish, jam packed silver micro glitter.  The jelly finish lets the glitter shine through and tints it blue in the lower layer so there's a great deal of sparkle, depth, and it looks like a mix of blue and silver glitter.

Look at that glitter!  This is two coats without a top coat.  It dries to a rough finish which is easily glossed over with a top coat but I wanted to take photos of the finish before I added the top coat.

The blue is so deep it's almost purple depending on the light.  I know because I've wasted enough time sitting here waving my hands around at all angles :)

The top coat added even more depth to the glitter.  I used a thin top coat, Essie To Dry For, and it's smooth without the bulk of something like Seche Vite or Essie Good to Go.

It's mesmerizing!  This is two coats.  It's perfectly opaque in one coat but I applied it a bit too thin on my thumb and index finger so added a second coat to all nails.  I find it takes me two nails to get a feel for a polish, how much to load up the brush, how quickly to work etc, so it's always the thumb and index finger of my left hand that gets the worse coating.  On the brush Orbit looked really thick, so thick the brush looked swollen with it, so I thought it would be difficult to apply but it ended up being smooth and easy.  Pretty perfect actually.

I thought Orbit looked like a sky full of stars so I decided to try some Galaxy nail art.  I've seen pics of this sort of thing around the interwebs but never tried it myself so I grabbed a bunch of my piCture pOlish colours, a dotting tool and a make up sponge and went for it.

What do you think?  All piCture pOlish except the star which is from my franken glitter supplies.

These are the polishes I used to make my galaxy.  Sorry some of them are discontinued shades.

All of the new shades are available to purchase now from piCture pOlish on-line or their international Network Members.  I think I'm going to need them all! 
You can also find piCture pOlish on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  I'm going to be keeping an eye on the facebook page to see the other blog reviews.
Thank you piCture pOlish!  These polishes are gorgeous and I've had so much fun playing with and photographing them.

So after all that, this is the perfect way to kick off The Great Aussie Polish Challenge where a bunch of us Aussie bloggers will be featuring Australian brand polishes for a week.  Come back tomorrow and I'll have a list of participating bloggers and my next Aussie polish.


  1. Love Kryptonite on you & Orbit looks similar to the d/c Chi Chi Moondust

  2. Love your pics. Both polishes look great!

  3. I've already started my PP wish list which includes both of these. Your pictures are stunning! I love the nail art too! :)

  4. wow, they are beautiful! I LOVE THE GALAXYYYYY

  5. WOW - your photos of both these polishes look stunning! Of course I LOVE kryptonite on you and I'm so happy you received this polish cause I know how you love your greens! The photo holding the malachite is so cool! I also love both your nail art designs. Fantastic review Bec!

  6. Rebecca, you have done a wonderful job! Your pics are awesome! Love the nail art. I think a lot of us had that idea hahaha

  7. What a fantastic review and I just love the Kryptonite - heck I love them both. I think the Jelly is the winner in these as it does give so much depth to the polishes.

  8. *drools* These look so good. They are both on my wishlist aswell!! Going to go broke with the amount I want!!

  9. Great reviews, love Orbit so much!

  10. I love your nail art and I need orbit! <3

  11. I need Kryptonite!!!! Really really I do!

    Fantastic pictures!! What do you use for lighting?

  12. Beautiful job!!! I need them alll!!

  13. So lovely! Great post and pics of the polish. The colors are just so vibrant:)

  14. Wow this is really great!! Beautiful swatches, Rebecca! And I love the accents.

  15. Love both these shades :) I really like the nail art you did, galaxy nails are perfect for Orbit!

  16. I love both these shades and love your nail art! I must have Kryptonite!

    Thank you also for the blog link love!


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