Jul 13, 2012

GMU Friday - Winter blues

Happy Glitter Me Up Friday guys :)  I love Fridays. OK so I'm not looking forward to the usual Saturday washing and this weekends mega cleaning before my parents get back from Sweden (we're bringing them back here from the airport before taking them home) but I do like relaxing on a Friday night.

I've been feeling the chill lately and yesterday was a miserable wet winter's day and I expected the same today so I decided to do some wintery glitter nails this morning.  Typically the sun then came out and it ended up being a fairly nice day but I still did my winter nails.

This is 1 coat of Lynnderella Love, Lace and Lilacs over 2 coats of Cult Nails Princess.  Unfortunately this layering hid the pretty copper shimmer of Princess and I didn't get a photo before I added the glitter.

Then I stamped some snowflakes using my ENAS soft stamp and polish.  I am a novice stamper, it's something I'm determined to learn, but I find the soft stamps pretty easy.  Probably because you don't have to work quickly with them.

The snowflakes looked perfect until I added a top coat, then they smeared :(  I waited until everything was completely dry, floated my top coat on so the brush wouldn't drag and tried several different top coats including the clear that came with the stamping polish. 

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong please?  Any recommendations for a top coat that wont smear?  I really want to learn regular stamping but I need to find a way to finish my manicure that wont ruin the stamps.

We don't get snow in Sydney but I do have bean bag beans scattered around my laundry from the last time I washed the bean bag.  It's the closest I'll get to snow this year.

Now go check out the rest of the Glitter Me Up Friday players :)

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  1. So pretty! :) It's oddly refreshing to see some winter nails, seeing as it is the middle of summer here. As for smearing stamps, I always have the same problem :( Can't get anything to work.

  2. This is gorgeous! I have trouble with smearing stamps sometimes too. I had heard that Seche Vite doesn't smear so I tried it but it still smears for me sometimes. I just try to very lightly brush over the stamp with top coat. Sometimes the brush doesn't even touch my nails.

  3. Im not good at it too..I believe you need special polish that is thick in consistency and very pigmented that can turn your nails opque in one coat.



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