Jan 22, 2012

Flakies comparison

I love Flakies so when I found a new Australis flakie top coat at my local Priceline I snapped it up even though it looked the same as others in my collection.  You can never have too many flakies right?  I'm excited about Australian brands coming out with flakies.  I have one from Picture Polish but all my others are from overseas brands and there's many out there that may never reach Australia.
This is Australis Speck-tacular Crystal Colour Top Coat.

 As you can see it looks just like Picture Polish Festive, on the inside.

So I swatched them both over black on a nail wheel for comparison.  This is two coats of each flakie over Ulta3 Black Satin.  Australis on the left.  They look the same and application and drying time seems the same.  They have the same coloured base and same size and density of flakes.  It looks like there's more turquoise flakes in the Australis but I'm pretty sure that's just random flake placement.  If I hadn't labelled them I wouldn't know which was which.  Still I'm glad I have both.

While I was swatching flakie comparisons I decided to do Essie Shine of the Times, Nubar 2010 and Nfu-Oh 44.   Left to right this is Essie Shine of the Times, Nubar 2010 and Nfu-Oh 44, each are one coat over Ulta3 Black Satin.

These are very similar but I can pick the differences.  Essie has a denser concentration of flakes and the Nfu-Oh has larger flakes.  All have orange flakes that flash green and gold.
The colours look the same over black but the Nfu-Oh flakes are suspended in an orange jelly so over a coloured base it would be quite different to the Essie and Nubar flakies but I included it here because the flakes look the same.

One of these days I might get around to comparing my blue and green flakies but for now I just wanted to try out the new Australis and compare the oranges.

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