Jan 13, 2012

Pre Christmas nails - Ozotic and Picture Polish

Here's a little something I wore in the lead up to Christmas. After 3 days of sparkly red nails I added a Christmas tree and some flakes.
The gorgeous red is Ozotic 621, an amazingly rich holographic polish. It's stunning indoors and blinding in the sunlight.  For the tree I used piCture pOlish Jealousy, a beautiful glittery green. Green is my favourite colour and I'm looking forward to using Jealousy for a full manicure. Then I layered 1 coat of piCture pOlish Festival over all my nails for a subtle flakie finish.  The flakie colours show up best over a dark colour or black but for this Christmas manicure it was just enough extra colour over red.

The star is a chunky piece of glitter table decoration scatter (birthday themed).  Not really the best for nails but all I had. I covered everything with a thick coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine and it lasted another 5 days before I changed my nails for Christmas day.

The Mega Shine I used is over 10 years old and only just starting to get a bit thick now. I have 2 bottles that old and one new one and they all perform beautifully as a shiny quick dry top coat, without shrinkage.  So why do I have 3 bottles of Sally Hansen Mega Shine?  Well I liked the first bottle so much I bought a second so I wouldn't run out (as you do).  Then when I started painting my nails again last year, after 7 plus years of naked nails (showing my age now), I bought a new bottle thinking the old ones wouldn't be any good, but they were, so now I have 3.   2 old with old style black caps, 1 new with the blue cap.  1 of the old ones and the new are the same consistency so I use which ever is closest.  The other old one that's getting thick is the one I use over glitter. 

piCture pOlish JealousyOzotic 621 and piCture pOlish Festival are available from piCture pOlish - http://www.picturepolish.com.au


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