Jan 18, 2012

Hard to Resist Blue Eyed Girl

 I'm not sure whether I chose this combination of polish for the name or the look.  There's something quite nice about saying it's hard to resist a blue eyed girl and it's a look that's hard to resist too.   A lovely blue that's almost black in low light with brilliant chunks of glitter that seem to glow even more in low light.  I find myself lying in bed at night waving my hands in the air to watch the glimmers of light on my nails.

This is Essence Hard to Resist, a beautiful shimmery midnight blue with a touch of turquoise, just a touch.  It's wonderfully pigmented and easy to apply.  This is two coats but I could have got away with just one (I'm a habitual two coater).  I'm so happy we can get these Essence polishes in Australia now.  The bottles are small but oh so affordable and I love the square brushes.  I only have six Essence polishes but I'm really pleased with them all.  The formula is great.  The only problem is they seem to be too popular, they sell out too quickly!  I'm sure I'm driving my husband crazy with my need to check the shelves for new stock every time we go to the shops.
Over Essence Hard to Resist I layered a thick coat of Kleancolor Blue-eyed Girl, a blue jelly with a mix of large and small hex glitter. At least I think the small glitter is hex too, I had a close look with my glasses on but still can't be sure.  Blue-eyed Girl is a thick goopy polish, but it needs to be to hold up that glitter.  The goopiness (is that a word) made it easy to spread on a nice thick layer with plenty of glitter coverage.  There were only a couple of pieces of glitter that didn't sit flat so I pressed them into place with an orange stick.  Like the other Kleancolors I've tried this one stinks and takes ages to dry.  I ended up using Essence Express Dry Drops followed by Essie Good to Go top coat to dry it.  I used a second coat of Good to Go to make a nice smooth finish over a few stubborn bits of glitter that wanted to stick up.

Sorry about the messy edges but I don't paint as well with my left hand.  I photographed my right hand though because I have a different base polish on my left.  Both with Kleancolor Blue-eyed Girl but different blue underwear.  What I'm wearing on my left hand and why it's different is a long story so I'll save it for another post but this polish combination on my right hand has worn well.  I'm now up to day six without any chips or tip wear.  Interestingly though I now have bad shrinkage showing with cracks down the sides and across the base of the nail polish but only on my right hand.  It started showing yesterday and has visibly progressed today.  My left hand has no shrinkage at all so something to do with the combination of Essence Hard to Resist, Kleancolor Blue-eyed Girl and Essie Good to Go is still at work shrinking away from the edges but the Kleancolor and Essie have no such problem on my left hand over a different blue.
I'll be taking this lot off tomorrow.  Not looking forward to removing this glitter.  I use the foil method to soak off glitter polish, and lightly file the surface of the top coat first to help with the soaking process, but I expect the thickness of this layering will be hard to remove.

Essence Hard to Resist is part of the Essence Colour & Go polish line available from Target in Australia.
No such luck with Kleancolor, I had to order my Blue-eyed Girl from the US.

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  1. The essence display is always empty at my local Target. Just a few lonely polishes left. Gorgeous layering!


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