Jan 27, 2012

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!
I hope everyone had a great day.  Mine didn't go to plan but at least hubby and the kids had a nice day out.  They went up the mountain to the Glenbrook Gnome festival, in the rain.  The boys love rain, mud and puddles and the gnomes are just the right size for them :)
In honour of Australia Day I thought I'd show you one of my favourite Aussie polishes (I wore a few weeks back).  I have too many Aussie polishes I love that I can't pick just one favourite but this one is up the top of the list.  We have some really great local polish brands.
So this is Ozotic 531 (photo spam), one of the mish mash polishes.  It's a holographic multi chrome!  It looks like it's a holo version of Ozotic 502 or 520 but as I don't own either of them I can't tell you which (they're both on my wish list).  The colour shift is mesmerizing and the holo is like rainbows on my fingertips.   It's one of those polishes that is a hazard to driving because I can't stop staring when the sun hits my steering wheel.  Even my husband is fascinated with this polish.
Photographing the colour shift and the rainbows is hard but here goes.

The Ozotic multi chromes show best over black but for this polish I wore red underwear.  Face of Australia Molten Metallics Flaming Lava.  I didn't get any photos of Flaming Lava on it's own but it's a very nice metallic red that's opaque in one coat.  It would probably work well for stamping and it was the perfect complimentary underwear for Ozotic 531.  I didn't like how it showed around the edges, looks a little bloody for me but that's just my sloppy paint job, I didn't cover it well enough with the Ozotic.

I used 2 coats of Ozotic 531 and I liked the results so much I made myself a ring to match then walked around in the sun checking out all the different colours flashing on my hands.  I think I like this coppery shift best.

The ring has a black base/back rather than red but other than the edges I can't see any difference.
Now here's a little bit of magic.  This is what I see when I do the washing up (photographed in clean water though because it looks much nicer).
Have you tried your Ozotic multi chromes under water?
The water brings out some really beautiful colour shifts.
It's the perfect excuse to enjoy a long leisurely soak in the tub.
Me, I just get to wash up.
Yep that's some shocking regrowth.  These water photos were taken after 7 days of wear.   I wore this polish for a week with Poshe top coat, no chipping, no cracking, no tip wear and no peeling.  I hate having to a remove a polish before it chips bit I couldn't handle the regrowth after a week so off it came.

Ozotic 531 was a dream to apply, I love the Ozotic brushes and the polish flows smoothly.  I had some problems initially with the Face of Australia Molten Metallics Flaming Lava, I made a real mess of my cuticles, until I put my glasses on and saw the stray bristle on the bush.  Once my husband fixed the brush, take two was much easier and it was surprisingly even for a metallic polish.  I used a Sally Hansen base coat and all this removed without staining.  Easy on, easy off :)
I bought my Ozotic 531 mish mash from piCture pOlish http://www.picturepolish.com.au  I've also bought more than a few piCture pOlish polishes from them and the customer service is great (the polishes are pretty great too, and addictive).  They ship internationally.
Face of Australia http://faceofaustralia.com.au/ polishes are available from Priceline, BigW, Kmart and online from Fashion Addict http://www.fashionaddict.com.au  Yep they ship internationally too.


  1. Amazing color I love how water makes is look so cool!

  2. Wow I've never tried them in water! I've been missing out! I love the ring, where did you get the ring base? I've got stones to make my own but no ring bases.

  3. I've been grabbing rings supplies from all over but I think this was from http://www.beadsonkellystreet.com.au/
    The stone is the extra high glass dome, I thought it would captured more light.


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