Jan 17, 2012

Naked Nails

I thought I'd share a photo of my naked nails.
This is immediately after polish removal and before any hand cream, cuticle cream and buffing. This is as bad as it gets.  I use a home made polish remover, a mix of acetone, water and glycerol.  It works really well and doesn't leave my nails as dry as the commercial (acetone free) stuff I used to use.  The last commercial stuff I used actually made my skin peel but I'm prone to skin allergies so it could have been a reaction to the colour or perfume additives.  Safer to stick with my own mix now.

 I had intended to do an 'after' photo, after a bit of hand and nail care and a good buffing but I forgot so for now I'm just sharing a before shot.  I actually like my naked nails and this is the shape they grow in naturally.  I tried square nail tips for a while but it didn't suit me so now I leave my nails like this.  I don't need to shape them and only get the file out if I get a break or they get too long.  My cuticles are usually pretty good.  I don't use any remover or cut them but I do push them back after a shower (something my Dad taught me to do as a kid).  I have a shocking habit of picking at the skin on the sides of my fingers.  It's a bit of a nervous habit (my Mom and kids do it too) and it only takes a cut or an allergy blister and I'll keep messing at it and peeling the skin off as it heals.  Painting my nails helps fight the habit.  It makes me more aware of how my fingers look.  In this photo you can just see a bit of peeling on the side my middle finger.  I cut it on my sons x-ray, like a super sized paper cut and it reached all the way up to the side of my nail.  It's been 2 weeks and I'm having a hard time leaving it alone, acetone does not help!


  1. You have such perfect nails!!!! Color and everything!!! I have dark ridgy nails. LOL!

  2. Thanks :) I have one really bad ridge nail, it has weird twisted ridges ever since I experimented with cheap glue on nails back in the 80s.

  3. You have beautiful nails! Seriously amazing! Mine are all stained and some peel at the edges..


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