Jan 15, 2012

Kleancolor Cobalt

Kleancolor Cobalt is a nice bright blue that's opaque in just one coat.  It goes on like a dream but seems to take a bit longer than average to dry.  I've found that with all the Kleancolors I've tried though.
It's not quite as vibrant or as opaque as the Kleancolor metallics I have but it's pretty close.  Can you believe this is just one coat with not top coat!  I always wear a top coat but have plans to layer something else on this so no top coat yet.   Such a beautiful blue.
We can't get Kleancolor locally so I had to order this from the US.  Unfortunately that means the benefits of this being a cheap polish are countered by the cost of shipping but that's always a good excuse to order a few bottles to combine shipping :)  I couldn't resist grabbing a range of Kleancolors to try, including some metallics I'll use for stamping.

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