Feb 5, 2012

a-england Perceval

I'd like to introduce you to my new boyfriend (just don't tell my husband).
This is a-england Perceval, the new love of my life.
These photos were taken in the sun, in the shade and indoors, over the course of a week.

Please excuse the shiny cuticles. It's sunscreen that I didn't rub in well enough. I rubbed it off my nails but didn't see it in my cuticles until I downloaded the photos.  Sometimes it's scarey how much you can see in a macro photo.
Have you ever seen a more splendid red?
Perceval is a rich shimmery red with a beautiful glowing 'lit from within' look. Wonderfully pigmented and easily opaque in one coat but I did two thin coats.

I like pretty much all polish colours and love glitters, duochromes and holos, but my first love will always be a good clean red, the shinier the better, especially when my nails are long.  There's something about a smooth, flawless red that's classic, a little bit naughty and totally grown up.

I have finally found my perfect red.  Until now I had a few contenders but Perceval tops them all.  In the lowest of light my darling Sir Perceval still has that spark within and in sunlight he outshines them all.

I must admit part of the attraction of the a-england polishes is the names and the stories behind them.  I've read many different versions of the King Arthur and the knights of the round table stories and Perceval, the red knight, was always a favourite of mine.

I wore Perceval for 7 days with Essie Good to Go as my top coat  (I don't have a-england The Shield top coat) and there was no chipping, peeling or cracking and my nails were shiny and glowing till the end. The only reason I removed Perceval is my nails grew too much.

Removal was easy with no staining at all.
I really enjoyed seeing my flashing red nails every time I looked down this week. Typing, making coffee, even changing nappies.  Perceval was my bright spark in every day.  We started the week with with lots of sun and ended the week with 3 days of rain but I still had my Sir Perceval to make me smile.

I thought it was cool the way my nails matched this custom coke can my husband got me.  I don't drink coke but the current coke cans have peoples names on them and pSyren was my original IRC name when we met.

Unfortunately though Sir Perceval was mortally wounded on his journey to me.  He has a crack in his ummm base and no matter how carefully I have tended to his injuries these photos are the last record I have of our affair.  Like a broken heart this cannot mend and he has been laid to rest. (It is a pretty crack though, look rainbows!)

Fortunately though, just like Doctor Who, Perceval will regenerate and return to my side (thanks to a replacement from Adina).

Perceval is part of the a-england Mythicals collection created by the fabulous Adina Bodana and available from the a-england website at www.a-england.co.uk   
I've said it before but it's worth saying again, the customer service rocks!  Adina is a sweetheart and an inspiration.  She has the most handsome cat called Tristam and I love her 'united world' policy of free international shipping.
You can follow a-england on facebook too https://www.facebook.com/aengland.fb  I spotted a new photo of Tristam on there today :)


  1. That is simply STUNNING! I need this gorgeous colour in my life! I'm afraid you're going to have to share your new love. ;)

  2. That's the problem with having a boyfriend who looks this hot, everyone wants him.
    Good thing I don't share photos of my husband :)

  3. Gorgeous red, unlucky it had a chip but lucky your getting a replacement :)


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