Feb 10, 2012

BYS Colour Change

Firstly a big thank you for all the well wishes for my little man's birthday.  He was thrilled to read them.  He's a bit of a computer nerd and has his own computer but he doesn't have internet access so I showed him the comments on my computer.  He got a camera for Christmas and has his own blog so he can share his photos and he nags me every day to check for new comments for him.  He doesn't seem to understand that to get comments he needs to keep posting and he hasn't posted any photos for a few weeks.  Partially my fault because he needs my computer to post and I wont let him online unless I'm watching and lately we just haven't had any computer time together.  He does get so excited about comments though :)  He had a good birthday and tomorrow we're off to the museum for his birthday treat.  I'm still recovering from his birthday dinner and the cleaning, cooking, hosting and cleaning again, and we're still eating leftovers.

Secondly, I'm excited to say the Gumleaf Mafia have a web site thanks to the brilliant Kaz from Pretty Random.  I joined the Gumleaf Mafia last month.  I knew before I started blogging that I wanted to be part of this Aussie group of nail bloggers that I'd been following.  I did have a list of the Gumleaf Mafia bloggers in my sidebar but now with the wonderful new web site you can just click on the cute Blingy Bill logo (up there on the right) to go straight to the site for quick and easy access to all the latest Gumleaf Mafia posts.  There's a section where you can read a bit about each of the girls and I'll be sending in my bio soon.  You can also find links to any giveaways and there's a list of any specials or sales we come across.  Best of all if you have an Aussie nail blog and are interested in joining the Gumleaf Mafia there's a simple form you can fill out.

Now for the nails :)
I really need to cut my nails.  They're long enough to annoy me now but I really hate cutting my nails.  Is that weird?  I like the painting part, hate the cutting and filing part.  So before I cut them I thought I'd try one of the heat sensitive BYS colour change polishes.  I've found the colour change is most effective on long nails where the tips are cooler than the nail bed.  I've used the BYS green to yellow changing polish before but hadn't tried the purple, which I bought at the same time.  So this is BYS Bright Purple.  It's a pink when warm and purple when cool.  You can see on long nails it creates it's own french tip or gradient effect.  Please excuse the dry cuticles.  I would normally finish with a top coat and hand cream but this is 4 coats and I still have visible nail line so I quickly grabbed some photos while I consider whether to continue.
Yep that's a lump on my little finger nail.  My dad called while my nails were wet and I left a chunk of polish on the phone and did a dodgy patch up.
BYS Bright Purple is a really sheer polish.  I think it's a little better than the green one because that took 6 coats to look this opaque.  It goes on streaky but doesn't drag, it was thin but not runny.  Actually it was really easy to apply, these photos are without any clean up.  It's not the shiniest of finishes, sort of semi gloss plastic, but there's an ever so subtle pink shimmer in there if you look closely.

The colour change works well and it's pretty cool to watch the changes as I'm taking things from the fridge or cooking.  It is pretty and it is interesting but I really don't think the barbie pink colour works for me.  Actually I'm hating this on me which is why it's not finished.  I don't know how to save it but don't want to remove it after all these coats.  Any suggestions?  Should I add a layer or glitter, flakes, spectraflair, stamping, anything?  I would love to keep the colour change effect but I really need to do something to unbarbie that pink.


  1. You got some really great shots of the colour change

    I like it how it is

  2. OMG!
    this is really pretty!
    i love it!!!

  3. I have seen these polishes around and never bought them due to bad experience with BYS. Wow aren't i kicking myself now. Definitely on the wish list. For a relatively cheap polish it works really well. Nice :)

  4. Awesome! I have that colour but haven't used it yet as my nails are short.
    I have a blog award for you http://www.kellyskolors.com/2012/02/2-blog-awards.html


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