Feb 25, 2012

Ulta3 Molten Metallics

Thursday night was 'meet the teacher' night at the school and on the way home we stopped off for some retail therapy.  Not that we needed it but any excuse will do.  Hubby got icecream and chocolate and I picked up 6 of the new Ulta3 Autumn/Winter Molten Metallics collection.  I think I got the better deal :)
I haven't had a chance to wear any of them yet (I'm still wearing the mani I did for the school night) but I quickly swatched and shot them on a wheel so I could show you.
First though, let me show you something I found while I was painting my nail wheel.  Check this brush out!  This is the funniest thing I've had come out of a polish bottle since I tested my last batch of glitters (they melted).
Yep that made me laugh. Getting the brush back in the bottle was an interesting challenge.  I love the fact that the Ulta3s are so affordable that I can laugh at something like this, not like my Mari Moon set that came with melted brushes (I almost cried over them).   I've learned to check the lids on polish bottles before I buy them.  Quite often the lids aren't done up properly and the bottles will leak on the way home or the lids are stuck from previous leaks.  It's really frustrating to get home with a new precious and find I can't open the lid so now I check anything I buy but I haven't thought of checking the brushes before.  Lesson learned, I will check from now on.
Anyway here's the goodies. From the left, Antique Gold, Shiraz and Copper.

Yep the copper is quite orange.
This is Enchanted, Cocoa and Jade.

Enchanted is fascinating in the bottle.

Just look at this mix of plum and shimmery green!  I can't see any of the green on the nail wheel but I'm hoping it will show on my nails.  Actually Enchanted is the least metallic looking of this lot.  Sadly it looks quite flat on the nail wheel.

All of the colours are well pigmented, applied smooth and dried quickly.  Well except for Copper, the dodgy brush made that one very tricky to test but I wasn't going to leave it out.  There's a stray blob of Copper on the Shiraz swatch.  Cocoa is almost a single coater but the rest definitely needed two coats so I doubt these would be any good for stamping.

I found these in the Ulta3 bin at my local chemist but they are easy to tell apart from the regular Ulta3s by their black lids.  I didn't grab the 7th bottle, Burnt Orange.  It didn't look very metallic to me and I don't wear much orange.  There was also a bottle called Pinot (I think) which had a black lid but I don't think it's part of this collection.  It looked the same as Shiraz, maybe with less shimmer, so didn't get it (plus I was trying to show some restraint in front of my husband, it was bad enough I kept handing him bottles to hold and test the lids).

On the nail wheel, from the left, Enchanted, Cocoa, Jade, Antique Gold, Copper and Shiraz.

Of the six I'm most excited about Enchanted, I just hope the green shimmer shows up when I wear it.


  1. *drools* I'm yet to see this around but I NEED!!!! :D They look awesome

  2. Thanks for the swatches, I can't wait to find these :D


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