Feb 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex + nail mail

Today is my eldest son's 7th birthday which is way more important than nail polish (if you disagree just skip down a bit to the polish) so I'm starting with...
Happy Birthday Alex!
He's very excited. Last night he helped me make 30 cupcakes to take to school today and tonight all his grandparents are coming over for a BBQ dinner.
Alex is a bit of a miracle child.  He was born at just 26 weeks gestation, weighing 670gms, and it was a long and difficult struggle to get where he is today.  He spent his first 100 days in the hospital, 79 of those in the NICU, and when he finally came home he had to spend months attached to oxygen tanks with an average of 3 Dr and hospital visits a week.  Premies face a lot of health issues, things that no child should have to go through, but we are very fortunate to be able to say that today Alex is a normal, healthy, happy child.  Normal is a pretty good thing for a prem :)  Today Alex is just above average in height, reads like crazy (as well as many adults), loves maths and computers and is crazy about Doctor Who.  He does well at school and started second grade last week.
Alex is my golden child :)  Funny, quirky, clumsy, bright, loving and generous.
This is one of his first photos, he was 9 days old.

His earlier photos are worse than this.  I'll leave these photos small so anyone who finds these sort of photos disturbing, just don't click on them.  For me they are my child's precious baby photos, we didn't get to do pretty photos, but I can understand that other people don't like them (like my mom).
This is our first family photo.  It's not very good, one of the nurses took it for us and had problems with the camera but it's the only one we have of this moment.  This was the first time I got to hold Alex, he was 4 weeks old.  Prior to this I'd only been allowed to touch him through the holes in the humidicrib.  His dad had to wait another month for his first cuddle.  I was crying but this was the happiest moment of my life!

and here he is last week ready for his first day back at school.  So grown up :)  Of course I'll be taking some birthday photos tonight :)

Now on to the polish.
The delivery guy has been already today (for once I didn't have wet nails) and I got a parcel of polish.  I thought it was from Cathy of More Nail Polish http://morenailpolish.blogspot.com.au (seriously awesome blog, if you don't know it you're missing out), part of a group buy she organised, so I very carefully cut it open without stopping to read the label.  The first few bottles had me confused until I realised it wasn't from Cathy.  It was an order I placed on Friday with a company in Melbourne.  So that was nice and quick, well packed too.  Still a little confusing because I wasn't expecting the first 2 bottles but I just went and checked the web site and it says 'for a limited time 2 extra bottles'. I didn't see that when I ordered, maybe it's new, it's certainly a good bonus :)  That first bottle nearly blinded me with rainbows when I pulled it out  (I had my desk lamp on because I'm making a nail polish ring).
So what did I get?  It's the Wet Paint Nail Glaze System.

Something I hadn't heard of before and came across by accident but it seems like it was made for compulsive layerers (is that a word?) like me.  It was too cheap and too interesting to resist.  It's a 6 bottle set of 3 base colours and 3 glaze colours.

The idea is you can mix and match the bases and glazes to get a whole heap of different colour results.
This set comes with a guide that shows how to make 18 different shades.  I thought it could be fun for 'jelly sandwich' type nails with layers of glitter or flakes. 

Here's the base colours.  Left to right we have Anxious, Edgy and Numb.
The glazes are (left to right) Wild, Willful and Wicked.

The bonus bottles are Crystal SPFX, a holo glitter top coat and Mirror Glaze, a clear coat.  It will be interesting to compare Mirror to my other top coats.  With a name like Wet Paint Mirror Glaze I'm expecting a very shiny finish.  I'm looking forward to comparing Crystal with my other holo glitter top coats too.  Anyone want to see a comparison post?

I'm really looking forward to swatching all the different combinations on a nail wheel (or 2).  So far I'm impressed with the idea, the packaging, the colours, the speedy shipping and especially the price.  Oh and the box says Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free, and not tested on animals.  I can't find my glasses to read the small print on the bottles but it looks like the only one with camphor is the clear.  I paid $19.95AU for this set with the 2 bonus polishes (standard postage) from Kompleat https://kompleat.com.au  Have a look at the site and you'll see why this was a surprise find, they're not a beauty supplier.  I'm pretty sure they wont ship internationally but if you're in Australia or New Zealand check it out, stocks are limited.  I reckon this would make a pretty neat gift for someone too :)  I'll try to test them and get some photos up soon but for now I'm busy cleaning and preparing for tonight's birthday party.


  1. Aww what an amazing, wonderful and strong little boy you have there! I am a premi baby also (13 weeks early!) and my Dad still tells stories about how tough the first three months of my life were. But your little man is past the worst bit now, and he'll grow up to be big and strong. Happy Birthday to him!

    I've seen the Wet Paint kit before and I find it intriguing. Can't wait to see your swatches!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little man, Alex is a cutie

    Looking forward to your swatches

  3. Happy Birthday Alex! What a fantastic story.

    Looking forward to how you go with this kit. Looks intriguing!

  4. awww such a heartwarming story - so glad he is doing well!!!


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