Feb 25, 2012

A little update

I forgot to post an update to my BYS Bright Purple colour change mani from a few weeks ago.  I ended up finishing it with just a simple layer of INM Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat Silver (what a name!) which was all I needed to break up the plastic barbie pink colour that was bothering me.  I still wasn't a fan of the pink but I loved the purple it changed to when my nails were cold.  It was fun to see the colours change and the little sparkles from the Northern Lights were the perfect touch of bling.  Most of the time my nails were pink with purple tips but I tried to take some photos to show all cold, and all warm nail colour.  This involved cups of iced and hot water and some fast camera handling.  Please excuse the paper towel fluff on my fingers.  I was using paper towel to dry my hands after soaking in the water.

This is the purple after soaking in iced water.  Not quite as rich as the colour gets when fully cold but as close as I could get.  It was a hot day so the colour started changing back to pink as soon as I took my fingers out of the cup.  I could only fit the tip of my thumb nail in the cup.  There's some weird surface chipping on my index nail (from trying to open a stuck lid) that changed at a different rate.

and the pink after a a dunk in hot water.  Despite the hot day the tips were already starting to turn purple by the time I had my hand dry. 
This mani didn't last the full week, it started chipping off after 4 days which is really unusual for me.  I can normally make my polish last a week but still I think I'm going to grab some more of these BYS colour change polishes, just for the fun factor.  They are cheaper than a coffee and the buzz lasts longer :)

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