Feb 29, 2012

Nail mail

I've had 3 nail mail deliveries this week (and 5 kilos of coffee beans) so I thought I'd share (sorry I can't share the coffee, there's less than 4 kilos left already). 
I took advantage of the Glitter Gal Valentines Day special offer, of a free 9mL sparkle nail polish with any order, to finally order Lizard Belly.  I also grabbed White Sparkle and chose Deep Purple Sparkle as my freebie.

Yep I only got the 9ml bottles.  Much as I prefer bigger bottles I rarely finish one and I figure if any of these turn out to be a favourite I'll just buy a bigger bottle later (when I can afford it).  Actually I tend to panic about running out once a bottle is 1/4 used and start thinking of buying a backup but so far I haven't given in to the need for backups.
I also got these CND Effects.   Violet Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Copper Shimmer and Ice Blue Shimmer.

I'm a little addicted to layering so these have been on my 'must try' list for a while.  They were on sale but have taken over a month to get to me.
Lastly I got some amazing Nubars.  I love Nubar, I just wish we could buy them here.  There are so many more Nubars I'd like to see in person.

White Polka Dot, Black Polka Dot, Wildlife and Gem

Now which should I wear first? 


  1. Very nice pickups! I have all of those CND top coats and you won't be disappointed!

  2. Just testing to see if you have captcha turned on. :)

  3. Yep I got the captcha code thingy :( These are the instruction I used to turn it off:

    1. thanks :)
      I think I've fixed it now. I use the new blogger interface and couldn't find any captcha settings there so I switched back to the old interface, turned it off and then back to the new interface. Hopefully that's it.


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