Nov 24, 2013

Day of the Doctor!

Finally today is The Day of the Doctor.  The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who and the much anticipated special episode.  It was shown at 6:50am here this morning but we haven't seen it yet.  We're waiting until we can all sit down together tonight to see it (which means I'm avoiding online spoilers today).  I did some quick Doctor Who nails yesterday for a trip to the ABC shop's Doctor Who day.
I didn't have a lot of time for art so I used some flashy blue nail foil and a TARDIS feature nail.
The foil has holographic stars so I paired it with MckFresh Laser Pointers, a metallic silver polish with holographic bar glitter. 
I know there's a lot of people who don't like bar glitter but this stuff is ultra fine so there's no sticky up bars and it's so pretty.
I finished the foil with a coat of Picture Polish Revolution and The TARDIS is a vinyl nail sticker, I just added some details.  An ultra quick mani :)
...and just because here's some Doctor Who themed photo spam, in no particular order.  We seem to have something Doctor Who themed in every room of the house and my 8yo is a huge Whovian.  These are random photos I have sitting on my harddrive.
My last visit to the UK and the Doctor Who exhibition at Llangollen 1997.

Data was watching me take photos outside.  He really doesn't understand all this Doctor Who fuss, he much prefers Star Trek.


  1. What a great post to read and I loved looking at all you Dr Who collectables. Love the bedroom door! Oh and how big and handsome is Data now!!

  2. Woohoo! :) Ours aired at 4.00am so I think we got the shorter end of the stick :) Although I watched it last night with a friend, and am going to watch it next week with my sister. It's so good! And I LOVE all the different manicures! I did a base of PP Starry Night then hand painted DOCTOR WHO on my nails, with a TARDIS in the gap. It's pretty cool!

  3. The foils look incredible!


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