Nov 23, 2013

Green for Aussie Indies for AIPAS

This week's AIPAS theme was green. AIPAS is the The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society.  If you love Aussie Indie polish then you should check them out on Facebook here, there's a blog here, Instagram @aussieindies and #AIPAS.  So here's what I wore for AIPAS green week and another Australian indie polish for Aussie Indie Month, Ozember.
Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite is a thermal scattered holo polish.  It's dark blue based green when cold and lime green when hot.  Two greens in one :)
On long nails this means you get a cool french effect as the tips are cooler.  The holo is subtle and sparkles in the sun without greying the green colour. 
This is 3 coats and there's just a bit of nail showing through on my ring finger where my nail is stained (yes I have just one stained nail now).  I did have some little lumps of undissolved thermal pigment that made it onto my nails and some darker streaks of unmixed colour.  I used an orange stick to remove the lumps and painted over the darker streaks.  You can see some light green spots in the bottle in some of my photos (like the first one), those are the undissolved thermal pigment.
Then because I can stamp now I decided to try an all over stamping design in green, and because Miss Ashleigh Kryptonite reminds me of Picture Polish Kryptonite (mostly just for the name), I used Picture Polish Shamrock for my stamping.
Shamrock stamped well.  The idea was that the design would vanish into the dark green when cold but at this time of year it isn't cold enough for a full dark green effect.  I had to use ice to get my tips to stay cold long enough for these photos.

Cue photo spam... sun, shade and flash photos.  The intensity of the green changes a lot depending on the light.
Spock got a bit fed up with all the flash photos and hid his face in the lounge.  Until I called him and took a sneaky shot :)

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