Nov 5, 2013

Loving Eternal Love!

November is here already and it's Aussie Indie Month, or Ozember, and the Aussie Nails Monday girls are going to be doing Australian indie polishes each Monday, starting with a green or blue theme today.  I have a rather large collection of Aussie indies so I'm going to wear as many of them as I can this month.  It wont be all Aussies this month because I have a lot of photos prepared for blogging already but I'm going to include as many Aussie indies as I can, starting with this.  I have a lot of blue and green but I picked just one to photo spam you with tonight.  Sorry the photos are all taken with flash.  I was feeling a bit unwell today so by the time I got around to doing my nails there was no daylight left for photos.
This is Eternal Love from Bella Belle Nail Couture, part of the Amore Collection.  It's a blue jelly full of purple, blue and red micro glitter.  It's seriously shiny and sparkly.
This came with a matching nail polish ring (which I'm lucky my 5yo hasn't claimed yet).
I layered 2 coats over a dark purple polish.  Eternal Love doesn't need undies but I wanted to see how this would look.  The purple has the effect of making the blue look a bit darker but I lost the lovely squishy jelly look.
I have been really impressed with each of the Bella Belle polishes I've tried.  As soon as I received my first order I went back and ordered more.  The formula is perfect and the colours are beautiful. 

Available from Bella Belle Nail Couture on Etsy and you can follow them on Facebook for news and updates.  There's a new collection coming which I'm really looking forward to seeing.


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