Nov 7, 2013

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! it's pink for AIPAS

This week's AIPAS theme is pink.  AIPAS is the The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society.  If you love Aussie Indie polish then you should check them out on Facebook here, there's a blog here, Instagram @aussieindies and #AIPAS.  So here's my pink polish for AIPAS pink week and Aussie Indie Month, Ozember.
Loki's Lacquer Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! from the Space Pilot 3000 collection, based on Futurama.  This one's inspired by Dr Zoidberg so I added some Zoidberg art with googly eyes.
It's a white base with pink and red glitters so the overall effect is pink.  Previously I've worn this over a white base polish but this time I wanted the pink of my nails (currently red stained) to show through a bit. 
This is 4 coats of Whoop and I much prefer it like this.  Going without undies give it a more delicate, almost porcelain, translucent look, and the layers of glitter show through like a jelly sandwhich.   I wish I hadn't added the Zoidberg face though, it spoils the lovely soft look.

I don't think this one is available any more but there's a heap of other beautiful polishes available at Loki's Lacquer on Etsy.  Tara is a real wizard when it comes to mixing pigment and glitter and she does custom polishes too.  You can follow Loki's Lacquer on Facebook for news and updates.
For Zoidberg's face I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Frutti Petutie.  I have a few of these Sally Hansens.  I bought them, (when they were on sale), to use as undies. They are (mostly) opaque in 1 or 2 coats and I thought they'd be good for nail art too.  Problem is they smudge like crazy when I paint over them with anything.  Just one stroke of top coat and the brush is stained with whichever Complete Salon Manicure colour I'm painting over.  The same happens when painting over them with glitter toppers or any special effect polish.    Probably the same with solid colours too but I haven't had a need to cover them like that.  Which makes the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes pretty useless as undies.  They contaminate any polish that touches them.  They are supposed to be 'complete', base, colour and top coat in one, so you're not supposed to need a top coat if you're wearing them on their own.  For this nail art I had to cover Zoidberg with a coat of PVA peel off base coat before I could add the details and seal it with top coat.  The PVA doesn't have any effect on the Sally Hansen.  Of course I forgot that trick and ended up having to redo Zoidberg after the first attempt at top coating :(

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