Apr 9, 2012

Easter Green

I was so sure I was going to wear chocolate for Easter, in particular a glittery brown franken my husband made, but I just couldn't get this beautiful green out of my mind.  The brown can wait for another day.  This weekend I wore NerdLacquer No Medal for Chewie.
Green is my favourite colour.  I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect green and currently this is it!   Not just because I love the the green but the glitter balance is perfect, the finish is smooth and it's wonderfully opaque in 2 coats.

My husband said it looks like Easter eggs in grass, which is exactly what we had all over the backyard yesterday and my nails matched beautifully.

I think it's more like the late afternoon sun dancing on wet grass after a sunshower.
Actually this green is pretty much the same as my bathroom towels (without the glitter, though things get a bit glittery after I've been frankening).
No Medal for Chewie went on evenly without any streaking or dragging, dried pretty quickly and felt smooth to the touch but I added a coat of Essie Good to Go for a nice glassy finish.
I looooooove this green!

and if anyone is curious the background in that last shot is  from a canvas I made yesterday.


  1. Love that green such a pretty mani! Your photos are fantastic and the canvas you made is amazing deffinately a show stopper!

  2. Wow, I love that colour combo! Your husband is right - it does look like shiny foil-wrapped eggs hidden in grass!

  3. Such a pretty green! I love melted crayon art. I should probably get around to making one! :)

  4. So pretty - Chewie deserved a medal! :( I love your canvas, are the Crayolas real?

    1. yep they're real. The picture's been cropped but I left the full labels on with the crayola text all lined up the same. Next time I might try a cheaper brand though.


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