Apr 24, 2012

Glitter tips

As a update to yesterdays nails I decided to try the I Nuovi Glitterati sparkling cosmetic glitter that arrived in this months Lust Have It pack.  The colour I received is Blonde Fever.

I used some holo gold striping tape to section of the tips of my nails, then painted the tips and dipped them in the glitter while still wet.  For the first 2 nails I used a clear quick dry polish for under the glitter but I found it too hard to see where I'd painted so for the rest I used Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar (just the first goldish colour I could reach).  Using a coloured polish made it much easier to paint the tips neatly but also helped disguise any gaps where the glitter didn't stick/fell off.  Not that there seem to be any gaps since the first nail (my index finger) which I patched up with more glitter.  Then I pressed the glitter into the polish as it dried (with my fingers) and used a soft brush to clean away the loose glitter.

I coated the tips with a layer of Gelous and then Essie To Dry For.  It still feels rough but not bad really.  If I used a thicker top coat like Essie Good To Go or Seche Vite it would probably be smooth (and thick).
So far it's lasted really well all day.  Dealing with kids and meals and lots of hand washing.  It will be interesting to see how it copes with my morning shower.
The glitter is a bit dangerous though.  I've already scratched my eyelid and just scratched an itch on the top of my nose and removed a chunk of skin :(


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