Apr 16, 2012

Nail polish jewellery

I thought I'd share some pics of a piece of jewellery I made yesterday.  OK it's a lot of pics but I was trying to catch all the colour shifts :)
This is a bracelet made with Pretty & Polished Jealous over a franken I made with Sinful Colors San Francisco, Ozotic 507, some black and another green (but I can't remember which because I didn't write it down when I made it).

This was made to match a ring I made a while ago but I forgot to include the ring in the photos.

The lovely slim arm in the photos belongs to my 7yo son.  My wrist is the hairy one.  I had trouble getting the camera far enough away to photograph my own wrist and when I saw all that hair in macro I decided to enlist the boy.  Poor kid had to be dragged away from watching Doctor Who but he does have a lovely arm :)  The bracelet looks huge on his little arm.
It was an overcast day so I didn't have quite enough sun to bring out the full effect of the gold shift.  The ring shows a lot more gold but the bracelet has higher domed glass which seems to bring out the blue more.

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  1. I visit your post. You share such lovely and beautiful nail polish jewellery here. Its all images is too attractive. You have done joyful work.


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