Apr 22, 2012

Popular and Enticing

This is 1 coat of Revlon Popular over 3 coats of Cult Nails Enticing from the Divas & Drama collection.  It's not what I planned on wearing and it's a little too thick for my taste but it does look pretty.  You can see how thick it is on the tip of my index finger and there's a stray piece of red glitter on my ring finger.  I have no idea where that came from.
Cult Nails Enticing is a sheer pale pink that's buildable to opaque.  I was hoping to get away with 2 coats but I was rushed for time so I planned on doing 1 coat before I went out for lunch then adding the second later.  I figured I could live with sheer for a few hours.  The problem was the first coat was streaky so I quickly added a second to try and even it out.  Unfortunately that didn't work and I then had 2 wet coats that were streaky and sheer.  So I used some quick dry drops which caused the polish to bubble horribly and then I still managed to bang 3 nails on my way out.  I ended up pressing the tacky polish back into place while it dried in the car.  It looked pretty bad :(
When I got home I had the choice of removing it or adding another coat.  Of course I took the lazy option and did a 3rd coat.  It didn't help, it was getting getting thick on the tips, still had some streaks and the bubbles showed through.   So what did I do, yep the lazy option again, I added another polish.  My favourite fix for a streaky, bubbly polish is glitter, it hides so much.  So I did 1 coat of Revlon Popular (aka Starry Pink).  No more bubbles or streaks and it looked pretty, just too thick.
Popular is a really soft pink with a heap of silver glitter that gives a delicate, greyish look.  It's sheer but buildable too.  The glitter lays flat and the finish is suprisingly smooth for a glitter polish.  It needs 3 coats for opacity but with the glitter to break it up it actually looks pretty good with just 2 coats.   I finished up with a coat of Essie To Dry For, my thinnest quick dry top coat.
I left it at that last night with every intention of removing it this morning but I'm really loving the colour so I think I'll hang on to it for a few more days.  It's a shame though because I was looking forward to wearing a nice simple Enticing manicure but I ruined it by rushing.  I'm going to have to try again soon because I should be able to get it streak free.  The sad thing is my bottle of Enticing is looking 'used' now and I don't have any Enticing nails to show for it.  Sad for my Revlon Popular too.  It doesn't need underwear, it looks best as 2 coats on it's own.  The 2 coats give the glitter a little more depth and it's a softer grey pink without the Enticing underneath.  So I ended up with neither the look of Popular or Enticing and feel like I wasted both.  They do look pretty together though.  I'll just have to try each on their own again.
Oh and lunch was nice :)  We had a BBQ at my parents, a last lunch together before they jet off to Sweden for 3 months to stay with my brother.  I took advantage of the garden to take some photos.


  1. Hi!!

    Lovely post. I love the color (: Just a quick comment asking if you would like to participate in this http://sgnails.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/glitter-me-up-friday.html


  2. Wow, your nails fixed up really nice! Nice photos for the family album too :)


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